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Affordable Convertible Tablet PC Selections Under $1000

Updated on December 10, 2011

Tablet + Laptop: Convertible Tablet

Although tablets have existed for a while, they've been ignored. Thanks to Apple's iPad, the world now knows what a tablet is. However, as wonderful as the glamorized giant ipod touch may be, it does have its limitation. A convertible tablet is the the hybrid baby of a laptop (or netbook) and a tablet.

But what exactly is a convertible tablet?

Just as the name implies, it's a tablet that can convert itself into a "real" computer and back. Unlike regular tablets, where you might need a USB keyboard in order to get the laptop experience, a convertible tablet doesn't require extra components to go back and forth between tablet and laptop mode.

Comparison of Tablets under $1000

Table Type
Convertible Tablet
Convertible Netbook Tablet
Regular Tablet
Levono Thinkpad
Gigabyte Touchnote
Expected Ram
1 GB - 2GB
256mb - 1GB
Storage Size
320GB - 500GB
160 - 320 GB
2GB - 64GB
Processing Speed
1.3Ghz - 2.4 Ghz
1.5 - 1.66 Ghz
1 Ghz
Physical Keyboard Support
Built -In
USB/Bluetooth Keyboard addons
Touch Screen Support
Not common
Not common
Built-In on many models
Separate, some built-in
Built-in on some models
About 2.5 lbs
Data gathered by surveying the 5-10 bestselling tablets under $1000 on

So I can buy a tablet PC for under 1000$?

Convertible tablets come either as laptops or as netbooks. Although there are some tablet laptops (which I was able to use to gather data), most tablet laptops will cost over a grand.

Convertible tablet netbooks, however, are often under the 1K mark and weight about as much as a normal tablet.

So convertible tablet netbooks are better than regular tablets?

Now, now. Let's not be too one-sided.

Convertible tablet netbooks are great because they do have:

  • A lot more storage space
  • More processing speed
  • A physical keyboard
However, that doesn't mean normal tablets don't have their bonuses. Since tablets rely solely on touch, they do tend to have more touch functions, touch shortcuts, and overall better sensitivity. If you need to have the best touch functions, then a normal tablet will serve you best, but if you need a keyboard or increased performance, then the convertible tablet would suit best.

So you have a tablet netbook right?

Me? I have a regular netbook. I've used other people's ipads and I've spent quite a bit of time at local computer shops testing out tablet netbooks, tablet notebooks, and other tablets. Perhaps too much time; I could feel the employees getting annoyed at me (though I did stop if other customers seemed interested). The reason why I spent so much time was to determine how touch functions and other computer functions compared, which is how I found out that tablet PC's (whether laptop or netbook) tended not to be as responsive or as functional as regular tablets when it came to touch capabilities.

Personally I don't care much about touch. I only want it because I'd like to be able to use a stylus without having to get a USB tablet so that I could draw on my computer directly. So I'd like to have a netbook tablet but sadly I don't have the luxury to spend any cash at the moment hence why I'm stuck with my little pink netbook. 

Convertible Tablet Recommendations

ASUS Eee PC T101MT-BU27-BK 10.1-Inch Convertible Tablet (Black)
ASUS Eee PC T101MT-BU27-BK 10.1-Inch Convertible Tablet (Black)

As I mentioned, I'm not a big fan of EEE keyboards. This one is an improvement over previous EEE keyboards, though it could still have better texture. Otherwise, it's a fast-performing convertible tablet netbook. This particular version comes with Windows 7 pro, which has a lot of touch functions. There is a cheaper version of this but it has Windows 7 starter which is almost useless when it comes to touch screens.


So should I get a tablet pc?

If you're expecting me to say "yes, you should, and you have to get the ones I promote", well I'm not going to say that.

  • If you need to have both a touch screen and a keyboard, and you absolutely don't want to use addons, then yes.
  • If you have a tablet and you want, but don't need, a keyboard, then you may just want to get a USB or bluetooth keyboard.
  • If you have a laptop/netbook and you'd like, but don't need, touch capabilities for writing or drawing, then you might consider a USB tablet.


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