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NewTrent NT636TR-S iPhone 6s/6 Phone Case - An Affordable, Functional, Good-looking iPhone 6s/6 Case

Updated on January 23, 2016
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Georgia is a web designer/developer who enjoys tech toys and accessories. In addition to web design she enjoys product testing.

Your iPhone 6s/6 Needs a Good Case

Whether you've just upgraded to an iPhone 6s/6 or you're new to the Apple world and bought one for the first time, you will want to get a case for it.

When considering a case, it is wise to consider function over looks because, hey, looks won't do much to save that expensive iPhone if it is dropped.

There are a number of cases available on the market today for iPhone 6s/6 users. If you're especially hard on your phone or work in an environment where your phone may be dropped on a hard surface, you may want to consider a military grade iPhone 6s/6 case. Think Otter Box.

If, however, you're an average iPhone user and you're looking for a case that will provide a good measure of protection in an environment where being dropped, run over, or stepped on is very unlikely, you have other iPhone 6s/6 case options.

Deciding on the Right iPhone 6s/6 Case

As mentioned above, it's a good idea to buy a case that fits the environment and use of your iPhone. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Is the environment where I work/play/live "hostile" to my iPhone?
  • What is the likelihood that my iPhone will be dropped, stepped on, sat on, run over, etc.?
  • Is it possible I could easily and/or frequently drop my iPhone?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "yes," then by all means, search for and consider buying a rugged or military grade case for your iPhone 6s/6.

On the other hand, if the answers to all of the above questions is "no," then definintely certainly consider buying a Newtrent iPhone 6s/6 case. I personally own several of these and have been totally satisfied.

Why I Like the NewTrent NT636TR-S iPhone 6s/6 Case

I've had, and still have, several of the NewTrent iPhone cases. When I purchased the NewTrent NT636TR-S Alixo case I was looking for a case that would offer great protection for my iPhone and still look good. The larger, military grade cases are fine if needed, but as I don't work around heavy machinery and am not prone to dropping my iPhone, great protection and good looks were more important factors in selecting a case for my iPhone 6.

The NT636TR-S Alixo is a transparent case so my gold iPhone 6 is clearly visible through the case. I can only imagine how awesome the rose gold iPhone 6s would look in this case. I'm sure it would be stunning! The front of the case features a built-in screen protector which is also a very nice feature to have in an iPhone case.

NewTrent didn't stop at just good looks and a screen protector though. They've also incorporated some nice port covers to protect your iPhone's on/off/camera button, the charge port, the headset port, and volume up/down buttons. Knowing you'd need easy access to the silence feature, NewTrent left that button open, without a cover, for swift and easy access. The camera lens and flashlight LED bulb are fully uncovered so they function without issue.

Installing the NewTrent NT636TR-S Alixo Case

Installing the NewTrent NT636TR-S Alixo case is pretty straightforward. NewTrent provides instructions with their cases, but if you'd like a sneak peak, here's the process I used.

1. Clean your iPhone6s/6 in an appropriate manner as recommended by Apple. You'll want your iPhone 6s/6 to be clean before beginning to install the case. Remember this is a transparent case, so any smudges or dirt on your iPhone 6s/6 will show right through the case.

2. Begin by placing your iPhone 6s/6 into the back of the case. "Roll" the sides around your iPhone 6s/6. The phone should fit into the case without an difficulties.

3. Place the front of the case over your iPhone 6s/6 and gently press it onto the phone, allowing the sides of the front to slide inside the sides of the back piece. You may need to gently pull out on the sides of the back to allow the sides of the front to slide into the back.

4. "Roll" the sides of the back piece around the sides of the front piece. When done properly the case will appear to be almost seamless and your iPhone 6s/6 will be securely enclosed in its new case.

The above instructions are only provided to give you a general idea of how easy it is to install a NewTrent NT636TR-S Alixo Case. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions provided with the case when installing your case onto your iPhone. When installed properly your iPhone 6s/6 will look like the one pictured below. Doesn't that look great in its new, transparent NewTrent NT636TR-S Alixo case?

Close-Up View of the NewTrent NT636TR-S Alixo iPhone 6s/6 Case

Enlarged view of the NewTrent NT636TR-S Alixo iPhone 6s/6 Case
Enlarged view of the NewTrent NT636TR-S Alixo iPhone 6s/6 Case | Source

Honesty and Full Disclosure

Just so you're aware, I am a tester for NewTrent so I'm able to purchase their products at a discount. That does not, however, change my assessment of their products. First of all, if their products weren't exceptional, I wouldn't test for them. Secondly, I don't receive any type of compensation from them for testing, other than a discounted purchase price for the product, and I do not receive any type of compensation for providing product reviews and ratings like this Five Star rating on Amazon:

This New Trent clear iPhone 6/6S case is awesome! It shows off the beauty of your iPhone while simultaneously providing great protection for your high-end tech! The flip open port closures are a really nice touch. They keep dust and moisture out, yet you can easily access them when needed. The case looks sleek, allowing the beauty of your iPhone 6/6S to shine through. Another winner from New Trent!

Would I recommend this product? Yes. Definitely. Why? Just read the data in the summary table below and the reasons will be clear.

NewTrent NT636TR-S iPhone 6s/6 Case Summary

Included (Y/N)
Unique Transparent Case
Slim fit Case
Only adds 3mm thickness to your iPhone
Easy Accessibility for Ports/Plugs
Front Cover(s)
Two included (one w/black trim, one w/white trim)
For iPhone 6s/6
Fits iPhone 6s/6 Plus
For iPhone 6s/6 only
Material / Construction
Hard Polycarbonate Cover with Flexible TPU Edge
A quick summary of the NewTrent NT636TR-S Alixo iPhone 6s/6 Phone Case

Another Win for NewTrent

The NT636TR-S Alixo case for the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 is definitely a winner. I enjoy using this case, knowing my iPhone 6 is fully protected, and yet fully visible too. This case will likely go on my approved Gift Giving list. It is an iPhone case I'd be proud and pleased to give friends or family alike.

If you're looking for a rugged, iPhone 6s/6 case that affords great protection and good looks, then seriously consider the NewTrent NT636TR-S case. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. In fact, buy a couple of their iPhone 6s/6 cases so you can trade off from time to time. That's what I did!

Newtrent iPhone 6s/6 Case - a Five Star Case

5 stars for Newtrent iPhone 6s/6 Case

© 2016 Georgia J. Butterfield


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