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Agile Testing -- How to Prioritize a story point

Updated on January 27, 2010

Prioritizing a story point


Prioritizing a story point

The release plan meeting will decide which story points are going to be finished first. So each story point gets prioritized according to the business value for the customer. When doing this some of the stories even though they are not important will be finished first because of the dependencies around each story point.  And also not all the stories will be finished by the release date. The important thing in Agile is the highest  priority stories will be completed first so that the delivered software will meet the business needs.

Why a story point gets prioritized?

Let’s take a real scenario. Consider providing the ability for an online shopper to choose the shipping options and then calculate shipping cost based on weight, shipping type and destination. The story point that gets to finish first is completing a checkout process from end to end. Let’s say start by allowing a standard  7 day shipping, items less than 20 pounds and destination only in United States. When the user can get the shipping cost for the scenario and checkout, the team can decide the next steps like different destinations, different weights and also different shipping methods. So when a story point gets prioritized, the core functionality will be finished first and then the functionality around it can be finished later.

What is the Tester role in this process?

Let’s discuss the developing the stories in testers point of view. This is where testers add more value. The development team will develop a small testable piece of software in each iteration. So each iteration should deliver a testable piece of code so that the tester can test it.The stories that require a lot of testing should be developed first and tested first. So in the above example, the tester can test the shopping cart end to end and then plan to test the piece around it.


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