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Airfoil Software - Share Music and Audio Over Wifi

Updated on November 1, 2010

Airfoil Software

RogueMedia Airfoil

Airfoil is a simple piece of software that opens up a multitude of ways to send wireless audio around your house. It lets you stream your music, internet radio or any other audio simply and efficiently from one computer to another.

Airfoil Software

Airfoil is made by Rogue Amoeba, a company who make some great little audio apps. I use their Audio Hijack program to make scratch recordings, dications, rehearsals etc.
Airfoil is a neat utility that’s really useful for sharing audio from my laptop to other computers in the house. It works with any Mac, PC or Linux computer and can also transmit to your iPhone, iPod Touch, Airport Express or Apple TV.

Using your Wi-Fi or local area network, you can transmit any audio from the host computer to a single or multiple Airfoil devices. An Airfoil equipped laptop could an alternative to investing in a wireless speaker system.
You can also use Airfoil with the Griffin Radio Shark so you can tune in to FM radio via any computer in your house.

How It Works

Sending Audio

Once you install Airfoil, you’ll be able to send audio from the host computer. You can even send to multiple devices at once, all in sync.
A small speaker icon changes your status from ‘Available’ to ‘Active’ signaling that you are now ready to broadcast.

At the bottom there’s a drop down menu with options for selecting the source sound. You can choose from a specific application, system audio or your audio hardware. This last option lets you choose from your line input, microphone or any other audio input device.

Receiving Audio

To receive the Airfoil audio you must install the free application Airfoil Speakers. After installation your computer shows up as an audio output in the host Airfoil computer.

Sharing Audio Over Wifi With Airfoil

Using Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers Software to share music wirelessly over Wifi
Using Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers Software to share music wirelessly over Wifi

Uses for Airfoil Software

So What’s It Useful For?

Airfoil turns your computer into a local broadcast station.You can also use many other portable devices as remote Airfoil speakers, these include:

  • iPhone
  • Airport Express
  • iPod Touch

You can use it at home or at work for teaching and demonstration purposes, or even a basic intercom.

  • an iPhone equipped with Airfoil Speakers becomes a mobile wireless audio receiver
  • using the microphone audio input, Airfoil can also be used as a live audio feed
  • turn your iPhone and a computer running Airfoil speakers into a baby monitor by using the audio input

Airfoil isn't a Airfoil performs a very simple function, but performs it elegantly and with minimum fuss.

Video -streaming music with Airfoil

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