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Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds (Free App for iPhone) - Review

Updated on September 28, 2018

What Is It?

The Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds iPhone app is described as a "progressive wake-up and sleep-aid clock specially designed to give you a sweeter and better sleep experience" and claims to help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. While this app does offer additional in-app features available for purchase, the standard version is available for free in the iTunes store. And, having been quite satisfied with the free version, I have not made any in-app purchases or upgrades.

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In addition to being able to set multiple alarms or timers at a time, this app also offers a 'backup alarm' when using any of the wake-up programs. And, if you are an especially heavy sleeper or simply not a morning person, don't worry, your iPhone's regular alarm clock feature is still fully functional while the Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds app is running.

When using this app as a morning alarm, make sure you keep the app open, even if it is just running in the background. I made the mistake of closing the app completely after setting it for the first time, just as I would my phone's regular alarm clock, and the next morning both the wake-up program and backup alarm failed to sound.


The app has a number of 'sleep programs' or 'brainwaves' to choose from. The 'sleep programs' include Meditation; Direct Sleep; Calming Relaxation; Simple Relaxation; Quick Meditation; Deep Sleep; Dreamy Sleep; Delta Session; Lucid Dreams; and Deep Relaxation. The 'wake-up programs' include Quick Awakening; Confident Day; Energized Mind; Calm; Morning Relaxation; Concentration; Awareness; Smooth Awakening; and Progressive Wake Up.

I'll be honest, I do not feel that I can say much about the 'brainwaves' aspect of this app. I downloaded the Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds app because I enjoy background noise while relaxing or trying to fall asleep. Although I will select the most appropriate program or brainwaves option when setting the alarm, I don't actually notice a difference in them.

Sound Selection

While the sound selection isn't massive, there is a satisfactory selection of sounds to choose from to create your own personal ambiance. The selection of sounds includes Air Conditioner, Green Noise, Summer Birds, Bees, Balcony Rain, Grey Noise, Thunderstorm, Train, Birds Chirping, Frogs, Heart Beat, Tropical Rain, Campfire, Rain on Umbrella, Water Dripping, Cat Purring, Rustling Leaves, Wild River, Desert Wind, Shower, Wind, Eerie Sitar, Grandfather Clock, Small Chimes, Wood Creaks, Small Birds, Fan, Wind Chimes, Singing Bowl, Blue Noise, Inside Car, Turboprop, Brazil Jungle, Kayak, Vinyl Cracking, Brown Noise, Mediterranean Waves, Water, Pink Noise, Bubbles, Violet Noise, White Noise, Running Stream and Cicadas.

I don't often use Green Noise, Grey Noise, Blue Noise, Brown Noise, Pink Noise, Violet Noise or White Noise. Honestly, I'm not even sure what the differences are between any of those sounds. It is also rare for me to use Eerie Sitar and Singing Bowl, but that is simply based on personal preference. My favorite sounds to use are the nature sounds. I also enjoy the familiar sounds such as Wood Creaks, Inside Car, Fan, Grandfather Clock and Shower.

While the sound loops are short, I am quite impressed with the quality. Not long after I started using the app, I learned just how realistic 'Dripping Water' sounds when my fiancée was startled out of bed thinking we actually had dripping water somewhere in our house.

Prior to downloading the Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds free app for iPhone, I was ready to go out and purchase a sound machine. When I came across this app, I immediately tried to manage my expectations. After all, I had tried other free apps for background noise in the past and had only ever been disappointed. Furthermore, because this app offers in-app purchases or upgrades, I found myself doubtful about the quality and selection of the free standard version. While I understand that this app may not please everyone, for me, it is exactly what I was looking for and since it is free, I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for background noise for sleep and relaxation.

What are your thoughts on the Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds app?


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