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All Browser Downloads for Computers, Smartphones & Android Devices

Updated on July 6, 2017
compu-smart profile image

I have been so close to being famous, and at times, infamous. I'm so lucky and happy not to have achieved either !!

There are so many browsers on the market today with newer ones popping up all the time - Remember, newer in some cases does not always mean better.

Within this database, you;ll be amazed at how many alternative browsers there are, and more importantly, how advanced they've become. They include all the old and new browsers for tablets, ipad, iphone, iPod, Blackberry, Kindle Fire, and all other Android devices. Take them for a ride and see how useful or not they can be.

You can use as many browsers simultaneously as you like. • Change your browser and experience * Faster speeds. * Improved security * Better performance * Newer features * Sleeker designs and more.

Click here for "What Is The Best Browser: Latest Reviews, Comments and Poll".

Click on the following links for more information about each browser's system specifications. Further down the page are the browsers designed to keep children safe while using the Internet.

Google - Year In Search 2016

Once you've installed a newer browser, you'll see immediately how it's performing. Observe it's speed and stability compared to your existing browsers.

Browser Speed-up Tips

Browsers get slower and slower the longer we use them. Speed things up by doing the following* remove unwanted applications you don't use. * Clear Internet cache files regularly. * Reduce browser plug-ins, Spy-ware and Ad-ware.* Disable images within the browser settings, especially if you're only using them for script-based searches. * Turn off flash, Java, images and sound.*. Close tool-bars and other programs when not in use - very useful if you're one of the remaining few dial-up users, or have to put up with slow broadband speeds or, instead of turning off individual features from your favourite / existing browser, try selecting another browser and turn off all the features you don't use. This will enable faster page loading and provide more time for surfing and researching. You can simply switch to your existing browser when you need to view images, videos etc.....

10 Must Have Smart Phones For 2017

Search for browsers via your devices / operating system

  • A = Android devices.
  • BB = BlackBerry devices.
  • GP = Google Play devices.
  • iPa = iPad device. IOS devices.
  • iPh = iPhone - Mobile/cell phone. IOS devices.
  • iPo = iPod. IOS devices.
  • KF = KindleFire.
  • L = Linux operating system.
  • M = Mac - Mackintosh (Apple) operating system.
  • Ubuntu operating system.
  • W = Windows. Microsoft operating system.

Index: All Browser Listings - 1 - A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.I

  • Right Click on the links below to open more information about each browser
  • 1st Browser. Windows: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 9 &10 & Vista Mac: Mac OSX 10.6 and up.
  • 4G Speed Up Browser. A - GP. Fast 4G speeds. Privacy features. Simple interface.
  • 4G Fast Internet. A - GP. Privacy mode. Tab functions. Fast speeds.
  • AirBrowser. Browser iph - ipo - ipa. Youtube embed auto-replaced. Fast switch to mobile version.
  • Amaya Browser. M. Browse and edit the web quite easy. Tool to create and updates documents to web-pages.
  • AOL Explorer Browser. W. Easy to use. Fast, secure. Web accelerators.
  • Aquari Stealth Browser. iPh - iPo. Secure privacy features. Easy to use.
  • Atomic Browser. iPh. Safari's alternative. Flexible. Customisable. Fast and secure.
  • Avant Browser. W. Basic browser. Packed with useful tools. Accelerators. Very secure. 2012.
  • Baidu Spark Browser. A - GP - W. Lightweight. Fast. Customisable.
  • Bitty Browser. W. Helps keep track of fav sites. Easy customisation.
  • Blackbird Browser. M - W. Developed for the African American community.
  • Boat Browser Mini. A - GP - W. Fast, smart and cool browser. Fully customizable.
  • BriskBard W. E-mail client. FTP client. Media player. Newsreader. IRC client .
  • Bolt Browser. A - BB - iPh. Tabbed browsing. Facebook integration. Tabbed browsing.
  • Browzar Browser. W. The worlds smallest browser. Built for privacy.
  • Browse3D browser. W. Simple, nippy and very visual. View multiple pages at once. Definitely 3D. High memory usage.
  • Camino Browser. M. Security features, safe and clean. Tab browsing and overview features.
  • Chrome Beta. A - GP - iPh - L - W. New and improved tools and features.
  • Chrome Browser. A - GP iPh - L - W. Enhanced version of Google Chrome. Renamed to CoolNovo.
  • Chromium Browser. L. Plug-ins. Private browsing. Many other cool and useful features.
  • Citrio Browser. W. Smooth. Fast. Download/Torrent manager.
  • CloudBrowse. iPh. Good performance. Choose from 3 services.
  • CM Browser. A - GP - iPh - M - W. Lightweight, small, speedy & secure. Runs smoothly.
  • CometBird Browser. A - GP - W. On-line video demand and bookmarking. Auto software updater.
  • Comodo Dragon Browser. W. Based on Chrome. Security features. Privacy features. Comodo Secure DNS.
  • Comodo iceDragon Browser. W. Built on the Firefox Core. Security features. nippy.
  • CoolNovo browser. L - M - W. Formerly called 'Chrome Plus' but with more features.
  • Coowon Browser. W. Ideal for on-line gamers. Very secure browsing and security. Sleek performance.
  • Crazy Browser. W. Fast and reliable. Lock tab, mark tab and group organizer.
  • Deepnet Explorer Browser. W. Easy to use. Great for dial-up users. Packed with great features.
  • Dillo Browser. L - M. Fast, and reliable. No support for JavaScript.
  • Dolphin Browser. A - GP - iPa - iPo - iPh - KF - M - W. Fast and playful. Voice to search. Lots of add-ons.
  • Easy Browser. A - GP - W. Fast. Simple. multi web-page management.
  • Edge Browser. W 10. Now pre-installed in new Window devices. Includes Cortana personal assistant.
  • Elinks Browser. L - U. Similar to Lynx. Auto blocks all flash, Java and images for faster page loading.
  • Epic Browser. W. India's 1st ever web browser. Good security and privacy features.
  • Enigma Browser. W. Lightweight. Fast. Very stable and loads fast.
  • Firefox Browser. A - GP - KF - iPh - L. - M - W. Easy to use.Useful tools and extensions.
  • Firefox Mobile/Fennec alpha 1. KF - L - M - W. Fast, secure. Multiple tabs. Add-on support, PC-syncing.
  • Freenet Browser. W. & L. Anonymous websites. Third party applications for chat and file sharing.
  • Galeon Browser. L. Lightweight interface. Quite active with a good response time.
  • Ghostery Privacy Browser. A - GP. Browse the web in privacy. Fast page loading.
  • Google Chrome Browser.iPa - iPo - iPh - W - M - L. Simple to use. Very fast and stable.
  • GreenBrowser. W. Easy to use. Fast. Useful AD Filter, mouse gestures and drag.
  • Gnome. E - L. Easy and simple to use. Customizable interface and security features.
  • Habit Browser. A - GP - W. Fully customisable. Weak ongoing support and updates.
  • Hot Browser. iPa - iPh - iPo. Auto news feed loader. Stream to TV. Lots more features.
  • iCab Browser. M. Many useful tools. A non free version and limited use of free version.
  • In Browser. A - GP. Incognito mode. No data is saved when viewing sites.
  • Internet Explorer 8 Browser. W. Bing bar and MSN defaults. Safe browsing and accelerators.
  • Internet Explorer 9 Browser. W. Great parental controls. Text, videos and graphics accelerator.
  • Internet Explorer 10 Browser. W. Better JavaScript and performance. Improved support.
  • Internet Explorer 11 Browser. W. For Windows 8.1 and above.

Did You Know...

  • In 1990 the English computer scientist 'Sir Tim Burners Lee' invented the first web browser called the 'WorldWideWeb'.
  • In 1993 the American software engineer 'Marc Anderson' released 'Mosaic' which was later renamed 'Netscape'. This browser was much easier to use than Burners 'WorldWideWeb' browser.
  • In 1995 the American software co-operation company 'Microsoft' then entered the picture releasing it's first version of 'Internet Explorer'.
    In 1996 The Norwegian software company released 'Opera' and in 1998,'Netscape' launched the 'Mozilla Foundation' which created 'Firefox'. Since then, there are so many new browsers continuing the never ending browser wars.

J - S

  • Javelin Browser. A - GP - iPh - W. Ad blocker. Go incognito. Spirit mode.
  • JonDoFox Browser. L - M - W. Surf the web anonymously.
  • K-Meleon Browser W. Very nippy. Mouse gestures. Not compatible with all sites, but a must have.
  • Konqueror Browser. L - U. Powered by KHTML. File manager. PDF viewer. Custom plugins.
  • Knowtilus Browser. iPa - iPh. Text editor. RSS reader. Text to speech. Translator is good.
  • Later Gator Browser. A - GP. Simple interface. Facebook & Twitter auto notifications.
  • Lightning Browser. A - GP - iPh - L - M. Nice design. Speedy. Incognito mode.
  • Links Browser. L - U. Text based browser but displays images.
  • Little Web Browser. A - GP. Stays fast by blocking scripts and images.
  • Lunerscape Browser. A - W. Triple engine browser. Fast and versatile. Simple interface.
  • Lynx Browser. A - L - M - W. Also for Unix, VMS, and other platforms.
  • Maxthon Browser. A - KF - W. Very customizable. Speedy. Easy to use. Free cloud services.
  • Maxathon Browser. W. Based on IE but lighter and faster. Very customisable.
  • Maxathon Cloud Browser. A - KF - W. Very fast. and secure. Quick access to newsBite features.
  • MetaBrowser. W. Meta-data management tool for your TV shows and movie's.
  • Mercury Browser. A - GP - iPh - W. Powerful functions. Flash support. Plug-ins. Safeguard.
  • Midori Browser. L - U - W. Fast, lightweight. Standard features although limited and still under development.
  • Naked Browser. A - GP - KF. Neat features. Fully customisable. Easy to use.
  • Netscape Browser. KF - L - M - W. Easy to use. Extensions. Security features. Visual refresh.
  • Next Browser. A - GP - iPh. Small size. Powerful functions. voice recognition.
  • Ninesky Browser. A - GP - W. Secure private protection. Smart and fast.
  • Omniweb Browser. M. Visual tabs. Ad blocking capabilities. Build short cuts.
  • One Browser. A - GP. Fast. Smart. Duel engines mode. Download manager.
  • Opera Browser. A - GP - iPh - L - M - U - W. Sleek and smart. Customizable and stable. Useful plug-ins.
  • Opera Mini Browser. A - BB - GP - iPa - iPo - iPh - KF - W. The most popular mobile mini browser. Compressed downloads. Zoom-in. Limited extensions.
  • Orca Browser. W. Renamed to Avant browser.
  • PaleMoon Browser. W. A web browser based on Mozilla Firefox but strips down features to focus on speed.
  • PhaseOut Browser. W. Good security features but lacking overall performance.
  • Phoenix Browser. W - L. Lean and fast. Customizable. Lots of security features.
  • Polarity Browser. W. A browser packed, fast, secure, stable, and a highly customizable.
  • Puffin Browser. A - GP - iPh - M - W.. Cloud powered flash supported browser.
  • QtWeb Browser. M - W. Lightweight, fast and secure. Privacy features.
  • QupZilla Browser. A - L - M - U - W. Fast and sleek. Simple to use. Lots of useful features.
  • RockMelt Browser. L - W. Fast and secure. Well designed and easy to use.
  • S60 webkit. S60 OSS Browser. A - GP - iPh. Nokia's open source browser. Touch-based user interface.
  • Safari Browser. A - iPa - iPo - iPh - M - W. Lightweight and sleek interface. Not many features.
  • Samsung Internet Browser. A. Simple, fast, & reliable. Replaces the Android Stock browser.
  • Script Browser. M- W. Search, sort and download thousands of script samples from the TechNet Script Center.
  • SeaMonkey Browser. L - M - W. Advanced email, newsgroup and feed client. Simple to use.
  • ShenzBrowser. W. Basic. Customisable. Easy to use.
  • Shiira Browser. M. Very fast and stable. Lots of useful tools. Lightweight app.
  • Silk Browser. Amazon A - KF. Pre-installed on all Amazon Kindle Fire devices.
  • Skyfire Browser. A - iPa - iPH - KF. Packed with features including Adobe Flash. Videos play fast.
  • Sleipnir Browser. W. Fully customizable, fast and stable. Recommended for advanced users. Recommended for advanced users.
  • SlimBoat Browser. A - GP - L - M - U - W. Fast, full of features. Safe and secure.
  • Slim Browser. L - W. Fast, smooth, efficient and secure.
  • Smart Bro Browser. W. Tabs. Form filler. Pop-up blocker. Customisable.
  • SRWare Iron Browser. L - M - U - W. Private and secure. cool design and features.
  • Sunbird (Mozilla). W - M - L. Useful calender, schedule and task management extensions.
  • SuperFast Browser. A - GP. lightest - fastest web browser for Android device.

T - Z

  • ThreeTeeth Browser. W. No tabs, menus or other stuff which you might not need.
  • Thunderbird Browser. L - M - W. Easy to use. Customizable. Lots of useful features.
  • Tor Browser. L - U - W. Search the web securely with cool anonymity features.
  • Torch Browser. M -W. Built-in-torrent capabilities. Built-in download accelerator. Video grabber.
  • UC Browser. BB - iPh - KF - M - W. Fast mobile web browsing. Productive and fluent.
  • Vanilla Browser. A - GP - W. Customisable. Skins. Themes.
  • Vivaldi Browser. M & W. Thee most customisable browser. designed for power users.
  • Waterfox Browser. W. Powered by Mozilla/ Made for 64-systems. Fast.
  • Weboob Browser. iPh. Fast navigation. Easy navigation for blind people
  • Whonix Browser. All Operating Systems. Stay anonymous. Defends against network surveillance.
  • Wyzo Browser.M. Fast and secure. Download accelerator. Private browsing mode.
  • Yahoo Axis Browser W. Synchronize settings across devices.
  • Yandex Browser. A - GP - W. Simple and easy to use. Fast page loading. Clutter-free.
  • Zac Browser. W - A. Loads quickly. Useful tools. Very compatible with the Internet.

Best & Safe Web Browsers For Kids: Packed with Internet Filters + PC Desktop Security.

  1. Buddy Browser. W. Safe social networking. Kids safe Youtube. Effective parent controls.
  2. Kidrocket Browser. W. Blocks out the whole Internet and only lets kids to access child related websites.
  3. KidsNetSoft Education. W. Pre-loaded kid-safe websites. Adult pop-up blockers.
  4. KidZui Browser. W. Kids only. Play games, videos and all child related stuff.
  5. Pikluk Browser. W. Safe Internet, web browsing & email. Site restrictions plus more.
  6. SafeSearchKids. Browse the webs images and videos securely.
  7. Tweens Browser. W. Secure browser for kids. Packed with lots of useful tools.
  8. McGruff SafeGuard Browser. iPa - iPh - iPo - W. Receive updates of your child's online activity by email. Easily block sites by age and category and more.
  9. Weblock For Kids. W. Complete parent controls. Simple to use by children.
  10. Free parent password protected email service for kids. Includes a home page with games, movie trailers and more.
  11. Zoodles Browser. A - iPa - iPh - iPo - M - W. Create your child's perfect playground with games to educate them.

Don't forget to Bookmark / Rate / Share this page and keep coming back for all new browsers available.

© 2011 compu-smart

Whats your favorite browsers?

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    • compu-smart profile image

      compu-smart 6 months ago from London UK

      The "other" articles usually pay to have their browsers/website on the first pages, but yes, there are many more browsers and better.

    • Salvador Diaz Fau profile image

      Salvador Diaz Fau 6 months ago from Spain

      Impresive list!

      Other articles only include the usual 3-4 browsers and this makes it clear that there are many more options.

      Good Job!

    • compu-smart profile image

      compu-smart 14 months ago from London UK

      New browser BriskBard is now available....

    • compu-smart profile image

      compu-smart 17 months ago from London UK

      If you like to customise a browser to the max, then the new Vivaldi browser will be right up your street.

    • compu-smart profile image

      compu-smart 17 months ago from London UK

      NEW! 1st Browser. Windows: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 9 &10 & Vista Mac: Mac OSX 10.6 and up.

    • compu-smart profile image

      compu-smart 2 years ago from London UK

      Newly added...Edge, from Microsoft. It will be pre-installed on all new Windows OS. Or, can be installed on Windows 10. New Cortana feature.

    • compu-smart profile image

      compu-smart 2 years ago from London UK

      Check out the new revolutionary mobile APP/BROWSER from Blippar

    • rodocop profile image

      rodocop 3 years ago

      Dear Author! You need to fix your info about K-Meleon.

      The development was restarted in November 2013 and the last beta updated a week ago!

      And new K-Meleon is fully compatible with all new web techs!

    • profile image

      Callum Yates 3 years ago

      ps. It has it's own built in browser!.

    • profile image

      Callum Yates 3 years ago

      Anyone on Kik messenger? Wanna talk, browse and share what you love? What's not to love? It's free for smart Phones only.

    • compu-smart profile image

      compu-smart 3 years ago from London UK

      This page HAS to be bookmarked. If not, it's your loss. really!

    • profile image

      Mike 3 years ago

      Bookmarked! and a very useful page!

      Thanks!! :)

    • profile image

      krushnach80 3 years ago

      use linux OS ..keep those bugs away..

    • profile image

      Dave_69 3 years ago

      I'm so shocked AND surprised at the amount of browsers available today. Is it really necessary for so many browsers to be available!? Surely, it should be quality and not quantity! But I guess these days, everyone wants a slice of the cake!

    • profile image

      krushnach80 4 years ago

      use linux OS ..keep those bugs away..

    • profile image

      rodocop 4 years ago

      K-Meleon IS COMPATIBLE WITH TWITTER and many modern sites.

      Yes, its engine is partly outdated but the last build - K-Meleon Twin integrates GoogleChromeFrame along with Gecko engine to handle modern html5 pages.

      Just give it a try - K-Meleon is the very lightest browser in the row:

    • profile image

      Umm, 4 years ago

      I use Firefox for my PC and Dolphin for my iphone. I have just installed Opera and it;s pretty cool!

    • profile image

      Brian Clark 4 years ago


      I have Internet Explorer installed. It was on my PC when I purchased it many years ago, and I had no idea there was such a wide range of choice!

      Thanks for sharing.