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All You Need To Know About Amazon Key: The Service That Lets Couriers Unlock Your Door

Updated on November 3, 2017

What is Amazon Key?

Yes, Amazon the 467.37 Billion Company has a new service. It's called Amazon key. To use this service you have to buy the Amazon In-Home kit worth $249.99.

The kit includes:

  • Amazon cloud cam (Key Edition) indoor security camera. It is a 1080p, Full HD, and Night Vision camera.
  • The two-way audio compatible smart lock from either Kwikset or Yale.

Amazon Key, for now, is only available to 37 cities in the United States. Including the surrounding areas. And it will launch on November 8. Amazon key is free for Amazon Prime members, but they still have to buy the $250 kit.

Also, you can buy individual cam on Amazon. Individual cam only cost around $120, but it will be cheaper if you buy in bulk. The cloud cam has functionalities too.

It works like this.

A green light will appear if the cam is recording. It has that functionality so that you can know whether it is recording or not. Also, It only stores 24 hours worth of video by default. They have a monthly plan that allows you a playback for 30 days. But of course, it has extra fees.

Now that you know what Amazon Key is and how much it cost, let us find out how it works.

How Does Amazon Key Work?

How does this service work? What are the steps in order for Amazon to deliver packages inside your home?

According to Amazon, it works like this.

  1. First, you order an item in the Amazon store. And right there at checkout, you have to check a box indicating "in-Home Delivery".
  2. You, the Amazon in-Home Delivery user receives a notification letting you know that your delivery is underway.
  3. Amazon has a 4-hour delivery window when the delivery driver arrives at your door. Right before the delivery guy arrives at your door, you'll once again receive a notification indicating “Arriving now”. You can then watch the delivery live.
    Imagine watching someone you don't know unlocking your door.
    You can also watch it later if you are busy at the moment.
  4. The driver will knock first after arriving at your door. And if no one answers, he or she will then send a request to Amazon. Requesting to unlock your door with his or her handheld scanner.
    They will scan the bar-code of your package-sending request to Amazon cloud.
  5. If everything is okay and perfect, the cloud will then grant permission to unlock your door.
    Also, note that there are no special codes given to the driver.
  6. The driver will then place the package inside your door, not on the sofa or the kitchen.
  7. After that, the driver will then send a request to Amazon to re-lock your door
  8. Once the delivery is complete and your door is re-locked, you will get a final notification indicating that the delivery is complete. You can watch a clip of the delivery again if you like.
  9. The final step is you go home. See your package inside and be a happy customer.

The whole concept of Amazon Key is new to us consumers. I was both skeptical and a bit excited. I see that people have also this kind of mixed feelings about the service. So I searched for common question people ask about Amazon key.

The Amazon Key Video

Questions People Ask About Amazon Key

People ask many things about Amazon Key. As I said earlier, Amazon Key's concept is new to us. People are curious and they want to know more. I gathered the top four questions people ask about Amazon Key and try to answer it one by one.

1. Is Amazon Key safe to use?

I have been searching Amazon’s website. They said that their logistics will be the one opening the door. Also, you can watch what’s happening in your home with the cloud camera. Other than that, I do not think there are any other safety features that I know of.

2. What will be Amazon Key's impact on technology and society?

The impact will be great and wide. If this whole concept succeed. it will change the way people buy stuff and services online. It will improve our lives in a huge way.

Also, I need to say that there are many dangers in this technology. We all know that no matter how safe a technology is or how hack proof it may be, there are always some loopholes to discover. I am afraid that people with bad intentions might play a little with this technology. Thus, we might want to be more careful.

3. Do you think that people want to allow Amazon access their home?

People seem to be unsure about the whole concept. But think about this. As we watch our history, people don’t believe that we can go to the moon. Until someone builds a rocket ship and put a flag in there. Early people would not have thought that we can buy things on the internet. Well, there are plenty of e-commerce websites on the internet now.

But also, there are many early ideas and concepts that seem good that didn't make it. So I think that it will go down to what people really need in their lives.

4. What if I have a pet inside my home?

Amazon said that they do not recommend using in-home delivery if your pet has access to the front door on the delivery day.

They Sure Have Confidence

In an effort to thwart one of the problems of Amazon's popular package delivery service.

Peter Larsen, Amazon’s vice president said "choice, peace of mind and convenience".

Yes, it is true. With it people can have a choice. Whenever you want to purchase and have an important meeting. You will have a choice of getting it delivered when no one’s home. It will be a piece of mind because you will not worry if there are no people to receive the package back home. And it will be convenient.

If you didn't already know, the company has been testing this out and they think that it will be a game changer.

Larsen said. "This is not a trial. This is the fundamental way we think customers are going to order and receive their goods”.

They are confident with their product.

Larsen said, “Note that the delivery person never touches the lock and doesn't have a key or a code, we will be adding more later”.

11 Million US Homeowners Experience Package Theft Within The Last Year According To Study

Package theft victims prefer a delivery service enter their home, via an app, versus leaving the package outside
Worries that packages that leave on the doorstep will be stolen
The majority of homeowners packages are stolen when their out.

Can Amazon Key Be A Game Changer?

Can this new service be a game changer? I do not know yet. People have mixed opinions about it and all I can say is that we wait.

Amazon isn't the only one who has this kind of service.

Walmart also has this kind of service, Walmart solution had its employees enter a home using a one-time pass code into a smart keypad, which the homeowner authorizes beforehand.

Amazon also points out that its key service could also be useful when it comes to letting dog walkers, pet sitters, and house cleaners.

As Larson said earlier, they will continue to improve.

In coming months Amazon said that they will provide customers a convenient way to provide unattended access to professional service providers like merry maids, pet sitter, and dog walkers, as wells as 1200 services from Amazon home service.

More so, I think that this will be a helpful solution to the problem of consumers and will make our life is easier.


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    • tritrain profile image

      And Drewson 2 months ago from United States

      I'd rather not allow someone into the house. Especially when it requires payment to do so. Another option is to put a bench/lock box secured to the ground. The delivery person can put the items in the lock box and then lock it.