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Samsung Galaxy S3 launched!!!-Is it worth the hype?Should you get one?

Updated on May 5, 2012


Well it's here finally!!The phone which created much hype in the mobile phone industry has finally been launched by samsung at their unpacked event held at London.Now that it has been launched,is it worth the hype?


Before judging that,lets get to know the phone better.

1.Body - Slim,just 8.6mm thick and just 133gm weight.2 capacitive buttons and a hard home button.No complaints here!But some might not prefer the hard button.High quality plastics used for the body.(Not in the leagues of HTC though)

2.Network and sim - Has HSDPA speeds(3G) and supports only MICRO SIM.Samsung is following the trend of new gen phones by supporting micro sim only.But I feel this is a letdown as you cannot swap simcards with other phones and if your phone bricks/freezes,you can't use your sim in a normal phone!!

3.Screen is a 4.8 inch SUPER AMOLED HD display with 1280*720 resolution,which means you get ample real estate to play with,and good ppi (306).But one thing many are frowning about is that this is not SUPER AMOLED PLUS,which means that this is a pen tile display,which shares the pixels.But no problems will be noticed in day to day use,as contrast levels and clarity are outstanding.Moreover,it is protected by GORILLA GLASS 2!

4.Processor and OS - Powered by QUAD core Exynos chipset with cortex A9 clocked @ 1.4 Ghz,this is one mean beast!This is supposedly more powerful than HTC's Tegra 3 in benchmarks!GPU is Mali 400MP which is said to be 65% faster than SGS2's!!Ships with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 with Touchwiz 4.0 overlay.

5.Battery - 2100 mah , removable.This is definitely a big plus for samsung as the new HTC ONE X and SONY XPERIA S have non removable ones.

6.Memory - 16/32/64 GB internal memory models will be launched,with Microsd support.(Unlike HTC ONE X and SONY XPERIA S).RAM is 1GB.

7.Connectivity - Bluetooth 4.0,Wifi,wifi direct,NFC,S Beam,USB on the go....The list goes on..

8.Camera - 8 mp with zero shutter lag and led flash.(Sony has 12 mp snapper and HTC has 8 mp.)But samsung has made a lot of software improvements to the social sharing aspect of pics taken in SGS3,which according to samsung is more important than mp rating.(Lets see...)Secondary camera 1.9mp.

9.Pricing is not revealed yet

Pros and Cons


1.Quad core.Superb graphics.Amazing screen.

2.Slim form factor.Good camera

3.A host of connectivity options like S Beam,Wifi direct,usb on the go etc.

4.A whole array of software improvements and gesture control.

5.Removable battery,Microsd card support.(Both of which I find very appealing).

6.Samsung reliability.


1.Nothing special in the looks department.Mixed opinions about the design.

2.Camera could've matched Xperia S's 12 mp mark.

3.Pentile display with pixel sharing is not recommended in a flagship device like s3.

4.No stock Ice cream sandwich interface.Touchwiz is nothing to brag about too.

5.Micro sim support only.(Which is a problem in countries like India.)

Is Samsung Galaxy S3 worth the hype?

Is Samsung Galaxy S3 worth the hype?

See results

Updated on 5/5/12

Samsung India has announced that India is going to be one of the first markets where s3 will be launched,which will be the last week of May or first week of June and will carry a price tag of Rs.38,000.Expect the street prices to be around 34,000 rupees.Game on HTC!!


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