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Allowing Your Visitors to Call You from Any Webpage with VoIP

Updated on March 22, 2012

Merging Communication Streams

One of the benefits of integrating your telephones with the Internet is that it allows you to merge your communication networks into one. You can take advantage of the integration to deliver better cost efficiencies and leverage the features to create entirely new ways of connecting. One example is the use of VoIP allowing people to make calls from any website.

We're all familiar with the traditional modes of advertisement. Either a billboard or a newspaper ad or even an ad on the web which gives users a telephone number to call. If you have VoIP, this number will be connected to an SIP network which you can choose to handle any way you wish. But why make customers pay for the privilege of contacting you? Why should they require a separate step to pick up a phone, dial a number and talk? It's in our interest to remove as many obstacles as possible between you and your customers. In short, there should be a way for the user to simply click a link on your website which will directly connect them to your VoIP network without any need for them to involve a phone.

Since VoIP is built over the Internet, this functionality is right up its alley. Even better, we can bypass the PSTN network entirely and make the entire call over the Internet - free for both you as well as the customer. The added benefit is that it can use HD voice protocols which will improve the calling experience for both of you.

Click to call using VoIP
Click to call using VoIP

A Clickable SIP URI

There are many solutions you can use to get people to call you from your website. There are Google talk plug-ins, Skype plug-ins etc. but very few which integrate properly with a business. Of course, you can go for the old solution and simply have a clickable telephone number but again that costs the customer, and the call won't go entirely over the Internet spoiling the voice quality. No – what we need is a clickable link that directly connects to an SIP URL address.

Sadly, such functionality is difficult – not impossible – to come by as of now. There are a few products which allow this but not much of a choice. Hopefully, people will begin to see the advantages of such a model and implement solutions so that webmasters can embed the widget on their webpage.

Depending on your ITSP, your provider might have such a tool as part of their SIP account services. It's perfectly suited to hosted VoIP systems. Even if the solution works only with a specific SIP provider, it'll still suit your needs perfectly if you can implement it properly.


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