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Almost Free Cable with Sling TV

Updated on December 5, 2017
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There is always something to write about. Themes, subject matter and viewpoints are worth thousands of words. Break into something new asap.

Television has come a long way from what it used to be.

Netflix has invested in old TV specials and movies as well. The classics are there and offered as a selection. Some require a small fee (typically a couple of bucks.). It is impossible to keep everything on the server. Besides, how often is Leave it to Beaver really watched in a span of a year?

Cable television has been around for quite some time. In fact, countless people are unable to recall a time when it did not exist. Now there is something above

Cable television has been around for more than several decades. In fact, countless people are unable to recall a time when it did not exist. It has t capability of offering the average viewer more than 100 varieties of channels depending on the provider. With this amount of power in a small remote control it is no wonder it has inspired a sort of reverence and following.

The admiration and wonderment does come with a price. For any household looking to tighten the budget strings cable is generally in the top five of the list of things to go. What are the alternatives to curb the dread viewers feel when they hear the news? One choice which is rarely, but certainly viable is seeing the same shows and selections on internet. Amazingly there is an avenue where the cost is reduced considerably while maintaining diversity and an assortment of programming options.

One company ahead of the rest saw an opportunity to use live video streaming on the web for something more. Instead of waiting for shows to air, download and then played back by consumers, simply stream them live.

Why Change

The skeptic is already asking why a change is even necessary. If money is no object then there is little chance of reading this particular idea of saving some by moving to a new platform, SlingTV. More importantly there is the ease of use missing from traditional forms of cable. Wherever there is Wi-Fi, there lies a person’s show.

For example, cable is generally accessible through wire signals or dishes bringing a signal into the home. There is an invisible tether keeping a person within a precise range at all times. Additionally, for countless customers if various televisions want to operate at the same time, the company adds on more fees. Generally extra equipment is needed to unscramble signals to bring it into the home. Most every .household owns a computer which means the surplus equipment from the company is not essential

Everything is live as it unfolds with regular TV. The boxing match is fought round by round until the final decision is made as well as knowing exactly who won and who lost as soon as possible on the numerous amounts of reality shows.

All are valid arguments to stay try it, but countless are still wary of trying something new. The same feelings may have taken place when the three big channels on television several decades ago where lost an enormous chunk of viewers

How to Save Money

This possibly accounts for the continued rise in prices to connect with the multitude of channels and shows offered. There are installation fees, charges for maintenance and equipment and a commitment which stretches into years. These are all promoting a stampede of cable customers to seek out alternatives. One of the biggest ones being talked about at this time is Sling TV. It is the next step in connecting the internet with cable television.

There are a number of cable providers who offer a package which happens to include a separate fee for cable and WIFI or internet usage. This has become the norm. What about the possibility of having just WIFI and watching cable via the web? With all of the applications being built and discovered to make the web do more than currently possible, it was coming eventually.

There were signs something was headed this way after other businesses had ideas along the same lines. Companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime make it possible to take the leap from cable to watching favorite episodes of cable TV on the internet.

Tell us about personal experience

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Sling TV

Is the price of cable really worth it? Think about a few things side by side- Equipment and price

Saying negative things about a business is not the intention here. In fact, there are some nice things to be said for cable companies. Recognizing what these are helps to make a more informed decision before making a big change.

A dissolution of a contract for patrons results in additional fees to say a simple good bye to the company. Check into this possibility before letting it go.


The ease of having 100 plus channels at the viewers fingertips sounds extremely tempting. Services create a handy accessible way to view favorite episodes from more than a few cable networks on demand. Additional packages for sale include favorites for the kiddies or sports fans. Offered along with HBO or Showtime a package is built for a particular family to fit. Multiple televisions in the same house are not restricted to see the same thing at the same time. Any TV is capable of seeing any channel at any time

Homeowners know the bigger the package the higher the cost. A $200 bill or more for a month is not unusual.


Instillation is simple and painless without ordering tons of extra equipment or mounting an unattractive disc around any dwelling. Set up is handled by the service company staff and included in the initial fee. Promos are typical as an incentive to sign a longer contract. Though, the discount is instant and not reimbursed at the end of the promo period.

Renters are limited with a choice when it comes to putting up enormous pieces of equipment owned by cable companies. There is likely to be an extra deposit or even a rental agreement clause prohibiting it.

Some cable companies have phone service for customer inquiries as well as walk in stations. These are brick and mortar stores where issues are resolved, payment made, extra equipment picked up and dropped off just to name a few of the services delivered.

Negatives on cable

Cable is extremely expensive for more than a few individuals. When adding up a set up fee, charges for cable lines, putting in extra channels like HBO, viewer boxes for each TV and other miscellaneous charges like franchise costs, every monthly payment is getting close to a mortgage for certain customers.

There are particular companies for a price allow customers an option of saving a live show to view later. Programming a piece of cable equipment to a time and channel was all that was needed. Only so much data was savable or a limit is placed on how many shows are available to be watched and when.

One huge issue was finding the time to watch it before it was removed or deleted from the system created to hold on to it.Though, countless admit the instructions where difficult and not easy to follow. Wait time for this sort of issue via phone call was opted for 24/7.

Package deals were the requested services for more than a few customers. These characteristically are cable, home phone, cell phone or internet (WiFi). The drawbacks included phone number changes, fees for more equipment to access the service along with one of the biggest kickers. Limited data for phone and internet. Overcharges are killers as everyone knows.

There will always be a rental fee for all equipment. There is no vehicle for purchasing. Even remote controls are billed each month

Great things about SlingTv

Get it where WIFI is found

One of the best tech break through to come along has been the invention of free WIFI hot-spots. These are everywhere. Find them at grocery stores, coffee shops and hamburger joints to name a fee. Even casinos give patrons the service. Convenient for anything from smartphones to tablets these are now usable for watching television.

It is accessible anywhere WIFI is discovered. It has the same recommended warnings as any other piece of equipment attached to the web via free hot spots. Remember to keep everything safe and hidden from prying eyes out to hurt us.


The price is always right. An average cable bill bringing the basics into anyone’s living room is running about four times or more what it costs. Along with ordering a basic package other options contain channels like HBO, ESPN and even Showtime. These extras are no way comparable in costs to what cable companies make customers pay.

Roku 3 is another device cable of doing the business needed for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sling TV. The Roku 2 is a free offer for certain plans with Sling TV a

The reviews of Amazon Prime have some changes requested before getting a thumbs up.

Amazon Prime

The competition is strong and fierce with Amazon leading the charge against Netflix. Though, there has been little of substance to make a great difference in the two companies. Amazon Prime has mimicked what Netflix is giving the customer. The largest draw for most takers is paying once a year instead of month to month.

Having a selection of some great TV series and movies is where the fun begins with Amazon. There are more than a few on this platform not found elsewhere in the marketplace.

The cost is enormous compared with Netflix. Although it is paid only once each year, it does not make up for such a large upfront fee. Some of the creators added on the concept of free shipping with Amazon products when purchasing the membership. Though, this does not offset the cost for most folks. Amazon is sticking to one device at a time for streaming the material they own.

Amazon Prime has an instant video preview option

There are some drawbacks

How it comes in

This is a downloadable app to a variety of devices with some great stuff being promised. According to the application it is possible to get the channels most people miss when they leave the cable company behind. Dish is responsible for this invention and proud to put it out as an affordable alternative to any market. The basic options are determined by studying the most watched stations.

Channels such as ESPN, TNT, AMC, TBS, CNN and others are workable with membership. Imagine looking at A&E, Travel, History, Adult Swim, Disney, Disney JR. IFC and so much more. There is a sports option for an additional fee which gives up those extra ESPN channels and college ball games. With all of the wonderful things about the application, there are some things which leave a negative taste in the month of users.


One of the biggest drawbacks is certainly not the price. A low $20 each month is great. The disadvantage over the others comes in the form of how to stream. Roku is the main source of getting the app into the home. Though, there is more than one way to get it up and going.

Only one device at a time

Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Android, Nexus Player, IMac and Windows are also likely resources. Only one device at a time is able to view it when using the account. Adding more devices costs another $25 on top of the basic fee.

There are a few add- on packages created for specialized groups. For example, the company created a kid’s package with Duck TV, Boomerang, Baby TV and Disney XD. The special ones like these and others are $5 extra each month.

How to get the signal into the home

There is an option of purchasing what is dubbed a Sling TV Box. These are sold through retailers like Amazon or Wal-Mart. Amazon has a price of $250. This is a little pricey for individuals looking to cut the cable cord. It is more cost effective to use a gaming system which has multiple use. Most admit the favorite is using a Roku stick.

No DVR capability

Another big discouragement is not giving each of the channels a pause, rewind and restart choice. This means unlike viewing DVDs, Blu Ray or DVR, once the program is over so is the option to watch it.

Paying extra for more bandwidth usage

One of the few considerations coming in a big is owning an enormous amount of data streaming to see broadcasts. Using and internet service with a cap or extra monies for going over a certain amount is another add on to the basic $20. Also, it does no good to have the service is the picture disintegrates or is terrible.

Must have internet service

A basic internet provider is needed for most folks with a desire to see it. Although a smart phone with a hot spot is okay, it still leaves some things up for grabs. Security is one as well as a phone bill which does not charge extra for internet usage.

Some companies even discourage this type of service by limiting how fast data comes in at certain times of the day or a higher bill for better data packages.

Which choice is better?

When having to choose between these three which is better for watching movies and TV series?

See results

Platforms include Roku, Apple TV, Ios, Tablets, Laptops, Android, FireTV, Chromecast, Xbox One and Windows.

Playstation Vue is set on keeping personal followers devoted. They have opted out of the Sling phenomenon.

More reasons why to put this one over the top

Advantages not mentioned in countless reviews

Ability to use voice commands

Major pro over the competition is the capability to use voice commands with Kinect, Xbox, for pinning video on command to home screens. This is great and currently not seen in basic cable packages.

Free premium channel viewing

There is a free HBO trial even when taking it for a test drive. This is not a typical choice for freebie deals. It does work without a hitch or catch.

When other premium channels like Showtime have a free to watch weekend, this is also not charged to customers. This is ideal for determining if adding another one is worth the cost.

No contract or credit checks

No contract and no credit checks. Cable definitely wants to know who is going to pay for the service. Along with being able to pay for it there is the requirement with nearly all to have an agreement to keep it for a specified amount of time. Most have a contract with no less than a 12 month commitment.

Get something extra for taking a test drive

Before purchasing, check out a deal on the site promoting prepaying for three months of it to get the stick for free. If a fully loaded Roku 3 sounds better, the same prepay agreement is great for half off the Roku 3. Nexus Player also does the half off with a quarterly payment.

Great for business owners

Most proponents who advocate using it admit the benefits to some patrons are enormous and easily identified. Customers like restaurant owners or a doctor’s office using one or two channels are encouraged to buy one. There are also those folks who have identified favorite channels where cutting the cord to cable will not be a hardship or sorely missed.

Countless users admit cable charges for one month add up to an entire year of SlingTV subscription.

When grandma and grandpa where growing up there was one cable outlet and one television for everyone to view it on.

What are the reviewers saying

Most critics give the device three out of four stars. Connection speeds play and enormous part in the success of the application. Faster speeds make it a dream while those individual users experiencing slower speeds call it a nightmare.

If only money was not relevant....

When it comes to a budget, add together what is comes out of pocket each month on current cable options against more than just this alternative. How about putting together an internet combo sandwich like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and WiFi (Youtube)? This covers everything but the kitchen sink.

There is access to nearly everything. Streamed live, entire seasons at once, on demand, more than one platform, in different languages and so much more.

The appeal of $20 for 12 months out of the year for the service is one of the most favored attractions. Though, this is not the only one with a draw for the cli

The service has been named one of the clearest alternatives to cable television. The idea has been there for a while. There is a real market for another avenue to obtain the same stations or offerings cable owns. Most folks feel this is it.

Add extra platforms for a complete package

There is an almost complete solution when added to another app like Hulu Plus or Amazon. Add in local channels still sponsored with an antenna and there are an abundance of choices for everyone. Hulu and Amazon are expenses to be added on top of Sling.

Even when paying additional fees for more choices or platforms to watch, like the two previously mentioned, it is still cheaper overall. When looked at over a month to month or yearly costs, it still comes out costing less. Add in incentives like promos and Sling still wins.

View from free hot spots or connect from small screen to big screen

Connect via WiFi with any nearly any sort of WiFi device. Even phone hot spots are okay. Take a laptop or phone with an HDMI cord and send the data to a regular TV screen. These are more sweets to be added for little to nothing.

Customers who happen to need it for more than one device have an option to do so. In order to have more devices running simultaneously there is an extra fee.The added costs are still less than multiple cable boxes.

Not all set up navigation systems are capable of handling it. PlayStation is the big one who has opted out of the party. Fire stick and Roku are very well liked for navigational devices. Currently these are free or cost almost nothing for newbies coming to the service.

What is in your wallet?

Typically users are seeing a $20 fee for 20 channels. It is worth it? There are more available for added fees, this is for the basics. Those extra dollars are needed when using more than one device to watch, HBO or Showtime or sports only TV electives. Though this is no different than cable.

The big difference is the extra cost for more users or more channels is being paid to the cable company with an enormous mark up. The charges are not even close to being the same. This happens to be an average of 70 percent cheaper.

The limited viewing options for the basic service is not a real deterrent for most folks. Is anyone really watching each and every one of the 100 or even 300 channels paid with the local cable provider? Is being offered the golf channel or bowling worth committing to 12 months for a very costly form of entertainment?

Campaigners admit even with a choice of up to 100 options to watch the typical user only routinely views between seven and eight favorites. Viewers gravitate toward and use most often those which have been selected as the Sling basic package.

Countless individuals enjoy knowing there are this many choices of what to watch each night even if the majority of are not even seen once a year. Paying all that money to justify the choice is a possibility of why most people do it.

Make an informed decision

Review the pros and cons of installing it at this time and decide if it works better personally than cable offerings. Of course, without a commitment if more than one or two months pass and the answer is no, customers simply get rid of it. The company has a special which permits a free trial period without charge.

In most cases keep the current provider while using the freebie. This is an excellent way to compare both side by side.

Excellent way to compare it against the popular PS Vue and Xbox

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    • LaurieNunley517 profile image


      2 years ago from Deep South

      Good content about these cable alternatives! I watch maybe three shows plus news on Dish per week. The rest of my shows I watch on Netflix or Amazon Instant video via an old Wii and our PS3. I'm glad you brought this to my attention. We have been considering dropping our Dish. It costs a fortune!

    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 

      2 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      It is such a good idea using a WIFI connection to watch tv channels with. I have a Streaming Media & Universal Disc Player hooked up to two televisions. DVDs, CDs, BluRay and internet surfing all with one unit. I got these with intentions of dropping my Dish programs, but they made me a great offer to keep my programming. I still enjoy the media players. Unlike the dish, rain won't bother your signal. Good hub.


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