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Alternative Energy: A Necessity, No Longer An Alternative

Updated on October 21, 2014

Alternative sources of energy right now is one of the most exciting fields for research, money making potential, and with the possibility of changing the economic and geopolitical balance of the world. The car company Tesla is working to bring the price of the electric car down from over $100,000 down to a level that is reasonable for the average driver, with a revolutionary idea for the manufacturing of cars called the "Gigafactory" powered by solar and wind energy, which will change the face of manufacturing, as we know it today.

Alternative energy will soon be the primary source of power for the world as the supplies of fossil fuels dwindle or are regulated out of existence, such as the recent regulations against coal powered electric power plants.

In this hub, we will look at some of the alternative energy systems and some speculations on future developments that may give us energy for generations to come.

solar energy
solar energy

The Sun is the Greatest Source of Energy we have!

Solar power is currently one of the Most viable energy sources available on the planet today and with the price of a solar power module (a unit consisting of a solar cell film, frame and associated electronics) dropping under $100 dollars. A number of these modules are assembled and linked together to make up a solar array that through an inverter can power your home with all of you appliances and electronics.

This means your home can go solar and slash your current electric bill by 30% or even to the extent of selling electricity pack to the power companies. With innovations such as flywheel, technology invented to help power the Tesla roadster, this energy can be stored as kinetic energy or in rechargeable batteries for use when the sun is not out or at night.

Another use for solar energy is in the form of solar mirrors that focus the sun's energy on a single point, which creates heat, and this heat can be used to generate steam, which powers a turbine, and can generate electricity. It also is being used as a way to incinerate waste.

On many roofs today, you can see silver water tanks that heat water for showers and bathing. Many colleges and universities do this to save on their electrical bill. Another form of this solar heater idea is used for the home and swimming pools.

Solar powered barbecue grills and stoves for cooking are available now. This same principle is being used in Israel in solar powered desalinization plants, to make fresh water, so the desert around them becomes fertile growing areas full of lush fruits and vegetables.

Many electrical devices including tablets and handheld devices are or will soon use a combination of battery and passive solar collection to power and give longer battery life. There are even solar backpacks you can wear that charge your laptop while you are out and about.

One of the most spectacular uses, for solar energy, combines solar energy and hydroponics inside a 30 story vertical farm, now being constructed in Las Vegas. Projected to earn both $15 million dollars as a tourist attraction annually and an additional $25 million dollars a year in produce may be the shape of things to come. Which considering by 2050 80% of the world's population will be living in or near urban centers, it only makes sense to grow the food where the people live to cut distribution, transportation and fuel costs. The Vegas farm is expected to be able to feed 72,000 people and recycle and purify water from the surrounding area, in a climate where water may become more precious than gold.

There are plans to place giant solar collectors in space and beam the energy down to energy receptor stations on the ground. NASA is looking to have its "Sun Tower" and other designs proven feasible by 2015, just around the corner, one such station could supply power to 1.2 million homes.

This opens up unlimited opportunity for a bright and prosperous future.

wind energy
wind energy

The Wind shall fill you sails

If your drive south along I-55 toward Springfield you used to see miles and miles of cornfields. Nowadays you see a different kind of crop. Electricity from Wind farms are threatening to displace what was once prime corn growing land with a more lucrative crop, electricity.

This form of alternative energy is more limited to areas where the wind is constant. But, as prices of the generators comes down their proliferation is spreading across America's heartland.

These small generators linked together and supply power to farms and the towns that dot Illinois. The use of wind energy is on the rise. But, it is dependent on the prevailing winds, so as a standalone technology, it still requires other forms of energy to supplement it when the wind dies down.

An Abundant World Economy?

If you go to Venus Florida, you may want to visit the home of the Venus project, which postulates that energy is an inexhaustible resource, which creates an abundance of everything else and we merely have to change how we look at energy generation and our current models of finite resources and insufficiency. With that in mind research in many areas, such as wave and tide power generators have been offered up as a way to supply all of the world's energy needs.

In the Venus model wave/tidal energy is a never-ending source of power. So Venus Project visionaries see artificial islands and cities dotting the oceans of the world near where these underwater currents that can be harnessed to generate electricity, like in the days of American frontier days, when towns and cities sprang up near waterways and later alone the railway tracks after the Transcontinental Railway was completed.

They believe a combination of solar energy and tidal power will allow the colonization of the oceans of the world and along coastal basins under the sea. This would allow us access to the oceans vast resources.

So Called Free and Radiant Energy

"Free Energy" and Tesla's theory of an Electric universe is slowly being shown to be closer to reality than most of today's Cosmologists would like to think. In his theory and that of T. Henry Morey, we are floating in a sea of energy and we only have to plug into it. Morey discovered materials that when used inside vacuum tubes produced electrical energy. His generator was shown to be able to power a small house from a box the size of a suitcase.

Tesla had wanted to transmit energy wirelessly across the nation and later worldwide but the vested interests of the time led by J.P. Morgan bankrupted him and left him a broken in spirit. Rumors of his development of a radiant energy system that was to have replaced all other forms of electrical energy were never confirmed or realized. His Wardenclyffe Tower was never completed in New York and was demolished shortly after his death.

There really is no such thing as "FREE ENERGY" it just means we haven't tapped into the unlimited energy of the universe, of which we still don't know as much about as we like to think.

According to Tesla's Theories, we should only have to stick a pole in the ground and tap into the vast energy that is generated by the earth's magnetosphere, which we can see in the far north as the Aurora Borealis. But this will require us to scrap the textbooks in all our schools to shift to a thinking paradigm that was used by Tesla and remember he said, "Einstein is wrong." This is the man who ushered us into the electric age with over 300 patents, Einstein had zero. So, perhaps Tesla was right after all.

renewable energy
renewable energy

Some Final Thoughts on Renewable Energy

Renewable energy news of today is chock full of pie in the eye ideas for getting us energy independence. But until we open our eyes and throw away outmoded theorems and thoughts we are destined to stay at the impasse with regards to the energy that is actually out there waiting for us to tap into.

For right now Solar, Wind and Wave energy are viable stop gaps until a workable Fusion reactor comes online or Tesla's ideas are looked at in the same light as he intended, unclouded by what we think we know. Even if only these three sources are it, for the foreseeable future, if applied properly can provide for an abundant world free from poverty and strife. If we move ahead with their implementation, our children and their children will thank us.


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