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Alternative to and seesmic - Auto publish on social network

Updated on November 25, 2013

Social network is a great source of traffic for webmasters, publishers and marketers. Best of all, it generate organic traffic, natural back links that will help you both in traffic and page rank. The webmaster and article writer who want to get audience will not minimize the impact of social networks in daily life of internet users. Let's see how we can take advantages of social networks freely and passively.

I don't know if you knew or remember about the wonderful service called "ping FM . It was a service where you could update all your social networks once or automatically through s.m.s, feeds, etc... But now, it is terminated and replaced with a new service called "seesmic". The problem with that new system is that the free version is very limited, and even if you use the paid version, it does not worth the ping service (R.I.P ping). That's make us think about an alternative.

An alternative to ping

The first action when a experienced user do when it realize that ping FM is down is to look for an alternative. I have seen many posts online that redirect to commercial product or to free limited programs with upgrade option such as seesmic. Why not think about a totally free way? Get more freedom doing it yourself.

I will give detailed information for the most popular social networks (Facebook, twitter) and social bookmarking sites (Technorati, delicious). But you will be able to set up unlimited networks using the powerful API system available in almost all social networks.

If This than That is a great alternative too! If you want, you can check it out at!

One lifetime setup... free

We will go to use the power of feeds, twitter and Facebook to automatically update all our social networks each time you add a new post on your blog or update all your social networks when you update the main you used to build the system. It is a one time set up that will serve you as much as you want.

Automatically post to twitter! (Feeds to twitter)

The first set up will be to publish automatically your blog on twitter. So, each time you update your site web with content, a tweet is sent, this tweet will be served to update the others social networks and social bookmarking site.

Sign up to Google feed burner, add the feed of your blog. It is a system build for newsletter, but we will use one of its additional features. Go to publicize > Socialize and add your twitter account. Add the hash tag fb to it for further use. You can set to tweet updates with categories as hash tags. We can't minimize the power of hash tags in social networking!

Each time you'll add a new content to your feed, Google feed burner will update your twitter account automatically.

Automatically post on Facebook! (Twitter to Facebook)

I guess you remember an hash tag we added to the configuration of auto tweet at feed burner, because we will use it with an application of Facebook called "selective-tweet". Open your Facebook account and go to apps to look for selective twitter .

You just have to add your twitter username in the "Your profile" tab to post automatically all tweets with hash tag fb to your Facebook profile. Add your twitter username to the "Your page" tab to update automatically post on your fan page with your selected tweets.

Automatically update your delicious account (Facebook to delicious)

Log in into your delicious account and import links from Facebook Delicious only import links from your profile, once your account is connected, it will continue importing each time you add a new link on Facebook!

To add your post automatically to Technorati you will need to add your blog to Technorati directory with your feeds and it will be updated automatically.

Set up as many social networks as you want with one of these three tools: twitter update with a specific hash tag, Facebook link posted and your feeds. Save time, get more audience and generate free traffic from social network on automatic.

Search for the most popular social networks you imagine that can bring you traffic, there is a way to link it with the two ones. Google+ allow to post +1 post to twitter but don't allow auto +1 post from social networks because it works different.

You may find it useful to use some network to expand your audience such as pixel pipe. Just take care of loop of messages and enjoy!


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    • Stachart profile image

      Pierre Eustache C. 5 years ago from Haiti

      Use networks of networks to publish on multiple social network automatically with your feed, tweet or Facebook link. Hope it will help you to get more traffic without additional effort!