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Best alternative way to install apps on bluestacks

Updated on May 7, 2013

BlueStacks Apps Search Tool

BlueStacks has its own apps search tool. You can also find suggested apps listed on BlueStacks main window where you can simply click the icons if you want to install the apps. But recently, installing apps on BlueStacks getting tricky than usual. On my computer, BlueStacks sometime failed to find the apps which was suggested on main window. As a result BlueStacks suggest several alternative apps store in order for me to continue apps installation. I guess it wasn't BlueStacks server that giving me this error, but was my own internet connection to the BlueStacks server.

Last time was my 3 times failed attempt to get DropBox installed on BlueStacks until i saw these alternative apps store on BlueStacks. I need DropBox in order to share photos between my pc and WhatsApp.

Photo Sharing Between PC and BlueStacks

Install directly from Apps Stores

Beside using BlueStacks apps search toolbox, you can also directly use another apps stores app on Apps Store folder. You can find this folder on main apps list window. On that directory you can find Get Jar, Amazon Apps Store and 1Mobile market. Simply click any of them and search directly from their app (an account may required to use their service).

Play Store

Actually you can also get apps directly from Play Store. The problem is; it was not officially listed on BlueStacks. If you want to use Play Store you need to go directly to Play Store official website. Another problem, BlueStacks doesn't have an official web browser, the trick is by using BlueStacks help app. If you click on BlueStacks help menu on My Apps, you'll be redirected to BlueStacks official help forum. This way you can use BlueStacks help which is actually a web browser to access the Play Store website.

Simply change the URL address into, it will then ask you to use default app to handle the address. So, choose Play Store and have fun searching for apps directly from play store (Google Account is required).


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    • profile image

      Muhammad Ikram 2 years ago

      Help Me Installing the whatsapp

    • profile image

      Abdul Rauf 3 years ago

      Thanks for your help :)