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Amazing Iphone apps

Updated on May 11, 2012

I was looking around the interwebs (lawl) for some new apps for my iPod touch and all I kept coming up with were the same top 25 on the app store apps. I wanted something different, interesting so I went straight to the source; the release date tab on the browsing menu. I found some awesome apps that it seems like no one had heard of! I couldn't believe it and I figured there must be others out there that are looking for something new and interesting to, hence why I created this list.

  1. Circuit Defense by Classic Games, another tower defense game with a new look. I personally always go to tower defense game for a fun, challenging time. I like this because I have yet to see a tower defense game that has a theme involving technology. Free is always worth a try.
  2. 3D Car Builder by TapSoul (free) I know it's a bit childish, however I love to fantasize about having a wicked sweet vehicle. What kind of bumper would I have put on, what about window tints? Great graphics and a good time waster. While its play-ability isn't that high, I think it's still worth downloading, if for nothing else, a few hours of fantasy living.
  3. Monster Gumball by Noisette Software Corporation is a connect 3 or more game. With adorable graphics and addicting game play, it is definitely worth the steep price of free-fifty (forced laugh). I love having simple apps like this for when I'm waiting in a doctor's office or somewhere else.
  4. Smart Ball-Gravity by Quweiwu (free) is another simple yet addicting game. You tilt your device to move a wooden ball across the screen. You tap to jump and try to collect as many gems as you can.
  5. Snail VS Monsters by acokla (free) is a fun game obviously about fighting between snails and monsters. While somewhat crude in some aspects, I found it addicting much like the others on this list. I hope you will give these games a chance, I mean for free, what can you really lose?


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