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Amazing technology: New Amazing Technologies

Updated on October 24, 2011

Future Technologies and present technology!

In this hub I'll try to show you a few amazing technologies that are supposed to be used in the future, in fact some of them are still being worked on while other technologies are already present but ib labs only, others are available for commercial uses. It's amazing how fast new technologies and inventions developed everyday, thanks to the folks we call them "nerds" at places like Microsoft,Nokia,NASA and Sony.

Kindle: The wireless reading device!

 Imagine carrying around your personal library in a sleek and slim reading device. The new Kindle and Kindle DX wireless reading devices allows you to download over 500,000 books from the amazing kindle library at, read your daily newspapers and magazines you subscried to wirelessly delivered to you before anyone even if you are travelling.

Using the global 3G wireless technology you don't have to look for a hot spot or WiFi. Which means no monthly wireless pills and global coverage in over 100 countries (thanks to the GSM mobile technology).

The Kindle can store over 1500 books (and you can also transfer your own books and .pdf documents from your computer, too. Also, the device uses a new technology to make the screen look "paper-like" without any glare even in sunlight which it makes it easy on the eyes.

It also allows you to search the text, change the size of the font, listen to music, add notes and also provides a dictionary. There are two versions of the device, the Kindle and Kindle DX which is larger and allows more storage. Check the video belows for some of its features.

The Microsoft surface technology

This is not science fiction any more. We all have seen the new touch screens everywhere and of course in the amazing iphone and other phones, but microsoft wants to make the best of this technology, making all surfaces,walls and tables smart!

So, instead of a small screen, the surface of the table you are sitting on in a resturaint is just a smart touc screen on which you can see the menu, pay the check and view your pictures on. Check the video to see it.

A computer in a 160mm ball !

This invention is known as E-Ball and it is designed by Apostol Tnokovski. This computer has many amazing possible uses. Check the image below to understand the possibilities of it's use. It is not in the market yet but I'd love to see it soon :)

Read more about the E-Ball at this artice.

The Sony Rolly MP3 player

This is a cute one! This mp3 from Sony dances with music and it's already there a while ago. The video explains it better.

The Nokia Nanotechnology

This is the most amazing invention in my opinion (in this hub). Scientists are still working on this but it's expected to be in the market in in the next 7-10 years or maybe more. The nanotechnology allows the manufacturing of very very small devices, 10,000 transistors can fit on a single fly hair! This allows for amazing uses for this future technology.

This phone will be charged by the solar power and it can sense chemicals in the air, it can even smell objects as it can sense the very small molecules. Nanotechnology can be used in all fileds of science and life such as medicine, physics and many other industries. Check the video for more info.

No one can even keep tracking ALL the new technologies in the world but some inventions really take your breath away. I remember 10 years ago, even video chatting wasn't in my dreams, not to mention the internet on mobiles and wi-fi connection. Let's see what science is going to offer in the future! :)


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