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The Amazon Firestick Turned My Ordinary TV Into A Smart TV!

Updated on March 4, 2018
Shizette profile image

Shizette is a world-traveled and experienced communications professional who is into all things tech.

Amazon Firestick

I just wanted to be able to stream my favorite TV shows without the hassle of having to hookup large devices

My curiosity was peaked, there was no turning back

The deal

When you live overseas (aka outside the USA), you kinda don't want to have to go through the hassle of ordering an entire local TV subscription, or heck even satellite TV especially if all or most of the channels are in a foreign language anyway, then whats the point of paying for the service?

This brings me to the discovery of the Amazon Firestick. I got it on (the French version of Amazon for those of us residing in France) for EUR 59.99 or $39.99 in the USA (which I found totally unfair, mine was more expensive just because I was outside the USA, boo-hoo).

Anyway, the gadget was delivered in about 4 days (quite fast considering the French postal service), so we opened it up, plugged it into our HDML input into our TV, and followed the setup instructions. And a few minutes later we were streaming our favorite Netflix shows like Black Mirror on Netflix.

Lightweight and hassle-free setup


The Amazon Firestick was a really good deal because all I needed was an active WiFi connection and voila! I was hooked up to my favorite TV shows without having to deal with a Frenchman. I would give t a thumbs up. C'est tout!

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