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Amazon Is Gearing Up To Open Its First Physical Retail Store

Updated on October 10, 2014

How cool would it be if actually opened a physical location right here in New York City? The rumors are flying that there will be an Amazon store shortly somewhere near Empire State building. Man, this will sure make the Amazon stock go sky high and I am sure that store will be even cooler than the Apple store. So Apple watch out you might have some competition shortly!

Let me tell you that if this store is built and if it happens to have a nice seating area and a restroom, you will not be able to get me out of there. This will be like a Barnes and Nobles only more technologically advanced with all the books being available for viewing on the internet. This will be the best spot for geeks all over the world. Just bring your laptop, plug in, and use the free wifi. You're in! So easy!

It is likely that Amazon will use its physical location to show off Amazon related products, much like inside the Apple store. However, it is also said that Amazon may use the building to store access inventory or maybe allow in person pickups. This could be a good option for the impatient folks that like to get their stuff right away. Maybe Amazon will charge a premium for this service. Good for them!

The stock of Amazon has been running wild lately. Large dip and later the stock comes back to the original price and goes higher. Although there is plenty of skepticism in the market regarding the future of Amazon, it is clear that this company provides a clear value to consumers and is willing to do what it takes to be number one!

Now Amazon Fire HD7 is a low priced tablet for the avid bookworm. This would be a perfect device to display at the brick and mortar Amazon store location. Maybe E-Bay and Google should go the same route and just open a physical store. I am sure that people would love to get to know these companies on a more personal level.

Amazon has also been the subject of a recent lawsuit where a former employee attempted to collect money for time spent during the daily security checks. The employee claims he had to spend twenty five minutes going through security every day just because Amazon is afraid the workers would steal.

Now although the employee did not win the lawsuit, in my opinion Amazon should have done the right thing and just compensated the employees for the inconvenience. No one wants to stay in security check for twenty five minutes daily before they can leave from work. People have other obligations and Amazon should be more considerate of that.

Amazon is a huge company and maybe they should stop being so paranoid about theft and just worry about the bigger picture. I cannot believe that even Obama was against paying the employees for their time. I mean Obama is supposed to be for the people, but he is siding with big business. So I guess he is not real. Maybe that is how Amazon is able to open their physical location. They have been saving so much money on employee hours!

In India, in the state of Karnataka, when Amazon attempted to pull the same trick of opening a physical retail store, it had received a rejection from the state of Karnataka. Apparently, Amazon was guilty of breaking some sacred Indian commerce laws. Hopefully, Amazon can get the necessary approvals in order to conduct its normal business in Karnataka.

Opening a physical location in India could be a big step for Amazon being that India has one of the largest populations in the world. The challenge here would be that India happens to have some very outdated laws, which do cause a lot of trouble for foreign businesses when they try to expand into India. India has plenty of geeks or IT professionals that would love to have a physical Amazon store in the area. I guess the local Indian shops are afraid of a little competition. Hopefully India will be able to get past some of its outdated laws and begin to accept the new business environment of tomorrow.


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