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Amazon Kindle Info

Updated on August 17, 2010

Why Kindle?

Amazon Kindle

The internet is quickly filling up with various reviews on the Amazon Kindle. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this slim, electronic device that is changing the way we look at reading. The term bookworm is quickly becoming obsolete, because people no longer have their noses stuck in dusty paperbacks. Amazon Kindle’s Ebooks are starting to outsell print and it makes perfect sense because it’s so easy.

You can now purchase one of 600 000 titles without leaving your bed. Simply reach over and grab your Kindle to have instant access to almost any book in your mind. The texts are downloaded onto your Kindle for less than the retail price in bookstores. Buying a Kindle makes financial sense because every book that you download will save you a few dollars and if you are into the classics, you can get many for free.

A brand new Kindle will cost you from $189 to $379, depending on which model you decide to buy. You can get a full summary of the entire Kindle range at our Kindle blog. The cost of the device might seem a little steep, but the reasonable pricing of Ebooks still makes it a sound economic decision in the long run.

One of the greatest features attributable to the Kindle is that it is small and portable. You can store as many as 3500 books on the Kindle DX (the latest version) and take these with you wherever you go. The travelling reader no longer has to sacrifice baggage space for reading material, because the Kindle weighs only 1.2lbs. In the electronic age it has become possible to carry an entire library under your arm.

Choosing books is also easier and more reliable with the help of Amazon. The company has developed a fool-proof review system which allows registered Customers to comment on any purchase that they have made. No longer are our decisions directed by sales assistants who haven’t read the book. Neutral third parties provide an excellent means by which the buyer can gather information and make a prudent decision.

Prospective buyers have expressed some concern regarding battery-life. There are very few Amazon Kindle reviews that have even made any mention of battery-life and this has accentuated the worry to some extent. In reality, any criticism leveled at the Kindle on account of battery life would be unwarranted, because the Ebook reader lasts for one week. Even the most avid reader has to sleep at some point and one week should provide a large enough window for charging.

The way we read is changing rapidly. The Kindle provides people with instant access to reading material for much cheaper than the retail prices in bookstores. The internet is filling up with Amazon Kindle reviews because it is the most recent development in the progression of the electronic environment. Since 2007, three million people have bought Amazon Kindles and the rate of new ownership doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Kindle owners have been given access to the modern method of reading and it wouldn’t be presumptuous to suggest that in the near future all books might be prefixed with the letter ‘E.’


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