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Amazon brings new Echo Dot, a voice controls to whatever speakers you want.

Updated on March 4, 2016

After the great success of Amazon Echo Smart Speaker, Amazon has now introduced its all new Amazon Echo Dot today on 4th March, 2016. The Echo Dot is priced lower or half of Amazon Echo Smart for only $89.99. Relatively, lower price but Echo Dot is as smart as Echo Smart.

As with original Echo you can control things with talking to Alexa, in the same way you can control things with Echo Dot’s virtual assistant. Echo Dot connects to cloud to listen to music, you can read daily headlines and also you can control your home’s connected devices.

If you have already bought Echo’s full size speakers then you can connect it with Echo Dot via audio jack or via Bluetooth. You can use Alexa with whatever speakers you want . While Dot connected to speakers you can ask Alexa to stream music from Amazon Prime Music, spotify or Pandora. You can also access internet radio and podcast via iHeartRadio and TuneIn. You can also ask audiobook support from Audible and Kindle store.

Dot is also equipped with tiny inbuilt speakers that is equivalent to your phone’s speakers and can produce the same amount of audio. This cannot fill the room with the audible voice but can be connected to Echo and other smart home devices.

Echo and Echo Dot are the smart home control gadgets which can also counted as the growing part of Alexa. We already know about Philips Hue support and Lifx smart bulbs and few more connected home platforms like Smart thinks, insteon and Wink, now Amazon has newly announced third party developer tools that would help Alexa work with smart thermostats. It will use Nest Learning Thermostat which will work directly with Alexa.

If you open the Alexa App you will find a growing number of “Skills” which are the apps of Amazon’s voice platform. These also include smart home device controls, games which are voice activated, and other brands like Uber and Domino’s and many more features which works with Echo and it will work with Dot as well.

Amazon Echo Dot can be preordered by asking Alexa. You will only be able to get this virtual Assistant if you own Echo Smart Speaker and Amazon Fire Tv. If you don’t own any of the two then you have to wait. This virtual Assistant Alexa is said to start shipping at the end of this March, 2016 and is only available for US users for now.


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