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Amazon Kindle Wireless -Taking Reading to Another level.

Updated on February 23, 2011

Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device

All a person is hearing anymore is about this amazing device called a Kindle! But, what is a Kindle? Well, it belongs to Amazon exclusively and this company revolutionized book reading forever. Instead of a traditional normal book made from paper, millions of trees are saved, as paper is not used. It is all computerized and digital at a person’s fingertips. The beauty of it is, the device is portable. A person can take it anywhere and use it at any given time. They do not have to stay in only one place to use it.

Kindle Wi-Fi 6" diagonal 8 ounces
Kindle Wi-Fi 6" diagonal 8 ounces

Kindle Wi-Fi 6" diagonal 8 ounces

The Amazon Kindle has taken this device and has improved it even further. The new device is called Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device With Wi-Fi. The display has a six-inch display with new electronic ink technology called Pearl. Read on for more exciting details of the newer, upgraded version.

To start with, the talk is about the new ink technology called Pearl. This ink is sharper and has a better contrast when reading the material. This causes less eyestrain and is gentle on the eyes. The improvement has increased by fifty percent, which won Amazon the award for Best of What’s New 2010 from, as this feat was impressive.

When a person is using an Amazon Kindle, there is ink that is used just like real paper books. The technology is amazing as it looks so real like they are holding a real book in their hands. It is not like an LCD screen, which can produce a glare. This is very common on laptops, Ipads and other devices.

Because of the new Pearl, there is no glare from reading in the sunlight or bright lights in the room a person is reading in because it is designed that the light is reflected like regular paper. This is considered matted unlike the LCD. When eyes are switching from one light to another, it can cause eyestrain. The Kindle’s ink was designed to match all the lighting’s brightness around a person in the room. So, there would be no adjustments to eyesight.

The fonts are also improved because of this. They are darker and crisper looking that makes things stand out and be recognized. Which again helps with eyestrain, as the letters are very clear to read. The letters do not appear to shift if the person shifts positions, which changes the viewing angle. There are no gaps between the pixels like an LCD. So, with the Pearl Ink design, everything will consistently stay the same and uniform

The Kindle’s battery life does not need power to maintain the text of the material. This means the device will not become warm like a laptop and can be charged just one time a month if Wi-Fi is not used. If it is used, it can last up to three weeks.

Kindle 3G Wi-Fi 6" diagonal 8.7 ounces

 What about the design of the new Amazon Kindle? The six-inch reading will stay the same but the body will be twenty-one percent smaller. It will actually weigh less than a normal paperback at around eight and half ounces and will be thinner than a magazine

Other features of the Kindle is faster and quieter page turns, doubled storage space by holding up to nearly three thousand books, Facebook and Twitter is now added so favorite books or passages can be shared with everyone. There is built in Wi-Fi to buy books to download in less than a minute and of course to use if something else is needed. There is now a dictionary and help for PDF’s

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