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Amazon's New Kindle is to Books as iTunes is to Music!

Updated on June 4, 2009

Here me out on this one, at-least read the first paragraph. Ok, I normally do not get excited about tech gadgets unless they are life changing or something extremely new and innovative. Recents are the iPhone and even iTunes concept of purchasing songs directly from the iTunes program. Yes there has been phones before and yes there has been places to download music. BUT iPhone and iTunes made the process crisp, fast, and convenient for the consumer.

Well, Amazon has done the exact thing for avid readers. Kindle will knock your socks off I guarantee it! On a high level they have created a super slick tech book that will change the way people will read books in the future. I originally read articles on the Kindle and honestly did not get it. From the picture ads it looked like a piece of crap to me. Sounded decent, but this ideas did not gel just by reading the current literature out on it. Well this all changed on a flight back home last week.

I sat next to an author who was messing around with something that looked like a white laptop with no color. I looked closer and saw it was the Amazon Kindle. I asked him about it and you could see the excitement in his eyes while he was describing all of the features. He then let me play with it and showed me the wireless features the wide range of book categories, the option to read the WSJ or any popular newspaper, and then absolutely sharp look and feel of this item. He had purchase the new Alan Greenspan book, which is around $40 hardcover for $10 through this handy gadget.

I told him of my thoughts about the Kindle before I actually saw his. I went on to ask him if he was able to test it out before he bought it and he stated he was an early adopter and just bought it. He made a great decision! In my opinion, this will be a possible huge hurdle for the Amazon Kindle, people like myself will need to test it and see it's amazing capabilities before buy-in, EVEN though this it probably a fault of the consumer.

The Amazon Kindle is a revolutionary wireless portable player that downloads of books, newspapers, magazines and blogs to a high-resolution display of electronic paper that looks and which reads like real paper, even in direct sunlight. It really looks likes some type of Apple laptop to the untrained eye.

Kindle customers, no matter where they are in the United States, can connect wirelessly and shop the Kindle Store and download a WIDE variety of content including audiobooks - all without a PC or a WiFi hot spot. Amazon pays for the wireless Kindle connection, therefore no monthly bills and no wireless service commitments to customers. The Kindle Store contains over 90000 books which can be purchased and delivered wireless to Kindle, each in less than a minute.

Customers can choose from hundreds of top newspapers, magazines and blogs and subscriptions have their self-delivered wirelessly. All New York Times Best Sellers New Releases and are $ 9.99, unless otherwise marked.

At 10.3 ounces, Kindle is lighter and thinner than a paperback, and includes built in access to The New Oxford American Dictionary wireless access and the Earth's largest encyclopedia

Check the Kindle out! If you like it, please let me know! :)


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