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Amazing Google experiments-Google gravity, Google sphere etc

Updated on April 21, 2012

Google is always famous for coming up with new, free and amazing services. Two of such recent amazing experiments from Google are Google gravity and Google sphere

Google Gravity.

View Google gravity page

It is a new customized search page from Google. On visiting the page you will see a normal Google search page. But on clicking somewhere on the page, you will see all words and images in the pages falling down as if there is gravity. You can play by throwing these words and images upwards and again see all of these falling down. You can also search in this search engine bar fall down due to gravity. The results will also get dropped to the bottom due to gravity. Really funny to play with. Watch and enjoy

Google gravity
Google gravity
Search results for America in google gravity
Search results for America in google gravity

Google sphere

Visit Google sphere page

Google sphere is another new feature made available by Google. It is basically the image search option. After opening the link above, you will see all the links rotating in the shape of a sphere. You can change the direction of rotation of the sphere using the mouse. It is more to experience than to read. Just go to the link above and experience it

Google sphere
Google sphere

Google Experiment- Let it snow

It is a funny experiment from Google to entertain web users. Just go to and type Let it snow and press enter, you can see your web page gets filled with snow. This snowfall will continue until your entire monitor gets filled with snow. Finally to clear out the monitor, you need to press the Defrost button.

See More Google experiences


If you like to browser Google in a black background with white letters. Just search in Google Blackle. Select first option. It will take you to a new Google search page with black background. See in the video above

Google My Way

If you want to set Google as home page, but with your name in the place of Google try it. Just go to Google and search by typing Google my way. select first option. In that page you can enter your name and get a customized Search engine. See my customized Google page below.

My customized Google home page
My customized Google home page


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    • royaldsouza1 profile image

      royaldsouza1 6 years ago

      wow. what great piece of information

    • vinner profile image

      vinner 6 years ago from India

      Yes these features are amazing. There are more features coming from Google with the advent of HTML 5. We just need to wait and see

    • Hashirraja profile image

      Hashirraja 6 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

      oh man. excellent. I ammuzed. Really nice features from google. THanks a lot for this post.