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An Effective Way To Choose A Useful Smartphone

Updated on June 5, 2017

Hello People, My name is what's not important here. I know right, an odd name. Get used to it. This must be the part where I'm supposed to say " in today's world smartphones are this and that" and whatever everyone is saying these days. But I won't because I'm better than them. that's not true, Forget I said that. I won't because I have been reading those articles for a long time now and they are neither fun nor useful. I should probably get to the point right about now. I'm going to assume that all of you have Smartphones if you do not then, what ye doin on me ship, matey? Smartphones are easy to use and helpful to us in many ways but while they are all considered as useful and good there are some smartphones that might not be what they are told to be. That is why it's important that you choose the Smartphone that is really helpful to you. In this article, I will tell how to choose your "Soul - Smartphone". If you do not get the reference, Please leave the planet.

What Do You Want?

Before buying any smartphone, make sure you know what you want. Ask yourself these questions before buying a Smartphone.

  • Is this the one I really want?
  • Does this phone has all the features I want?
  • Is this the brand I wanted?
  • Is the price of the phone affordable for me?
  • Which Phone seller do I trust the most?

Now the most important thing you have to think about is.. Why do you want it? The most important thing is that you know why do you want this smartphone in the first place. Ask yourself, Why do I want this smartphone? Is it because of the advertisements? Is it because my friend suggested it to me? Is it because of your favorite celebrity suggested in that Smartphones' or Is this because you have checked and evaluated the smartphone yourself and it has all the features you always wanted? It's really necessary that you buy a smartphone you actually want and need and not because of the influence of someone or somethings.

Wide Angle


Important note - You must be confused as to why I put this ugly picture in the middle of a fantastic article but I had to. If you are a photography lover, make sure that your smartphone cameras can take wide angle pictures as shown in the above picture.

Yup, this one's related..

What Do you Need?

What really is important in the process of buying a smartphone is Do You Need It? It does not matter if you want the smartphone because you were influenced by someone or an ad. You really should need this smartphone to actually buy it. Below you will find a video by "learn share" on smartphones. Watch it and you will find detailed information about some best smartphones. you can watch videos like these if you want to find out more information about your desired smartphone, read reviews of it, research about it and more.

Learn share

Consider These Things Before Buying

  • Do I really need this Smartphone?
  • Why do I need it?
  • Is there a valid reason for it?
  • Does this phone has the Camera megapixels I need?
  • Does this phone has the battery power you always wanted?
  • Does this phone support all the apps you want or need?
  • Does this Smartphone have extra features like you wanted?
  • Has this smartphone received good reviews from its current users?
  • Is this the one you want?
  • Is this the one you need?
  • Is this the one want and need?

Consider all these things before you buy a smartphone. It will help you make the right decision. I hope this article was helpful to you in some you. It's time for me to bugger off then. I'll be back soon.

PS - Hope you're not reading this article on a smartphone.


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