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Android App Development - 5 Ways To Make Your Own Android Application

Updated on June 6, 2011

Since the iPhone the evolution of apps has been very, very fast. Thousands upon thousands of apps have been created for both the iPhone, as well as for the Google android app. There's an app for business, for fun, for music, for design, for time for, well, everything. It has, in a sense, started a whole new artistic revolution, where creators can take their imagination and translate into a nifty little application (Anyone tried out the music app Reactables?)

Many people will get into mobile app development not out of the notion that they will make money from it, but from the idea that other people ill utilize it; people will share it via Facebook, or Google your name because they liked it so much. When someone downloads android apps that are yours it's like putting a small piece of your mind - your design - into their life.

In other words - to make your own app is pretty cool.

The big question then: how do you make your own app?


5 Ways To Develop Android Apps:


Mobile Application Development Tools...

As you can see the mobile app development by MyAppBuilder isn't extremely advanced. The android development tools they give you are good for apps that have informational purposes - like a company trying to get off the ground, or a band who has just released their first album. However the template is easy to use and the apps are fun to make so it's worth a try.

As new android phones are updated and evolved the need for apps will become more coherent.  Get your foot in the door now and learn how to make your own app.
As new android phones are updated and evolved the need for apps will become more coherent. Get your foot in the door now and learn how to make your own app.

Use An Application Development Platform

There are many companies that allow you to utilize their android development tools. These, of course, aren't as sophisticated as some of the apps in the Google android market but they still can be useful - as well as fun. It's also much cheaper to use a application development platform compared to, say, hiring a company like enterprise application development to do it for you; it will be of higher quality but the price tag could be up to ten times more expensive.

The best, and easiest, build your own app website is My App Builder. After a initial sign up that is quick and easy (there is a small fee you have to pay) the site will give you the option to choose you make your own app for the iPhone or the android; the cool thing about this is that either option you choose the template is the same and you can, in fact, build the exact same app for both mobile devices.

Once you choose which platform you will be using MyAppBuilder gives you the following choices for your design:

  • Turn your music into a app where it can be listened to worldwide.
  • Create an eBook dynamically, adding and changing as you go.
  • Create audio books.
  • Create an informational app that includes videos.
  • Turn your blog into an RSS feed app.
  • Create quizzes or apps that are created via your twitter pages.


Xcube Labs

[x]cube is a professional android development company that has had multitude of successes. It's now one of the largest mobile application development for clients, as well as one the most respected.

They have over 200 apps on both the iPhone and the android. Their prices are cheap and their quality is always high.

Professional Android Application Development

Although it's fun to build your own app using an application development platform the quality of the app may not be up to the standards of the Google android market; even if it is good by their standards it may not be good enough for anyone to downland android apps you've made. And if you have a company or program you're relying on to do well then this is a problem.

When this is the case it may be better to move away from the build it your own android development tools and move towards hiring a professional android application developer. They will build your own app for you with all and any specifications you give them (to the extent of the platform) and they will do some in a reasonable time frame. The amount of custom application development if you go through a professional are endless - and the extra uniqueness will go along way on an android app market where there a thousands and thousands of apps.


If you learn how to build apps then your app may appear in a google phone like this.
If you learn how to build apps then your app may appear in a google phone like this. | Source

Where to Start?

  • Download the tools.
  • Buy a book explaining the basics.
  • Get in touch with professionals.

Learn How to Make Your Own App

The hardest and most time consuming way to make your own android app is to learn the code and build it all from scratch. If are you just starting out then the learning curve will be steep and painful - but also very rewarding. As a creation process, making your own android development tools, and then building your own app with those tools, is a very, very rewarding process.

If you are willing you can download some generic app development tools and learn the basics that way. The best part about make your own app from scratch is the amount of customization you'll have, as well as creative license. Any idea that pops in your head, if you're good enough, can be transformed to a real app that can be downloadable in the Google android market.

Another plus in learning how to develop android apps is the job opportunities it may bring. Many professional android app developers are always looking for new people to hire - people who have learnt the tools and are creative and free-thinking.


Contests and Other Platforms

If you don't want to invest the time, or pay the money, to build your own app then maybe you should try and enter a contest. Contests held by numerous companies will ask you to submit an idea for an android application - some contests will require you to give a full-fledged details idea, while some can be a single sentence.

Or maybe mobile app development isn't for you. Many other platforms are now available that allow you to make apps - such as Facebook and twitter.



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    • profile image

      Daily Computers 

      7 years ago

      thanks for sharing this post, please after building my own app, how do i sell them online?

    • profile image

      Leah Goodman 

      7 years ago

      Why do you choose My App Builder? AppsGeyser is free and allows you to create full-featured apps from any web content instantly.

    • clickforseo profile image

      Stephen Davies 

      7 years ago from UK

      useful software, since app development is pushing iphone apps and android apps so much lately, more people are jumping on it to make money. When you consider that simple apps get downloaded thousands of times..... its a bit of a no brainer if you have the time, the ideas and the patience....

    • profile image

      Adam Wills 

      7 years ago

      Nice Post. Thanks for sharing it.


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