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Android Essentials: Audiobook App

Updated on May 17, 2013

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Audiobooks and Android

I kicked my iPod habit! At the writing of this article I have been Apple product free for an entire month and I have NO withdrawal symptoms. This comes almost a year after I adopted the Android and started what I hope is a life long love affair with this wonderful open source operating system. Why did I take so long to kick my Apple habit I hear you say? Well, I love audiobooks and I just could not find an App for my device that could measure up to Apple's user interface (UI). That was true until now at least.

A quick side note before I continue. If you don't have the Amazon Appstore please see my other hub on the subject titled "Android Users! Use the Amazon Appstore!"


The app I love so much for freeing me form Apple is Akimbo. I personally think this player's UI is better than any of the Apple products in relation to audiobooks. This player comes in a free trial version and a paid version for $2.49. I recommend paying the price because the trial version is just that. The trial version will play files for 5 minutes and then force a pause for 15 seconds before you have to press play to continue. Aside from this, the trial version is fully functional as the paid version. All the features I describe below can be tested before you spend your money.

The thing I love about this app is the features. I feel like a fat kid in a candy factory when I talk about this, so please forgive me if I ramble.


Formats supported: flac, wma, ogg, mp3, m4b, m4a, mp4

On Screen Lock: Yes and easy to use.

Memory: This app remembers where you left off on any given book loaded to the library.

Bookmark Function: Yes and it works wonderfully

Sleep Timer: This is one of my favorite features! It is a timer you can set (up to 60 minutes) that will make it stop once the timer is done. This is great for those of us who like to fall to sleep to a book. But there is other uses for this timer. Example. You have 20 minutes before you have to leave for an appointment but you want to listen to your book without distraction. Set it for 20 minutes and when it stops, time to go!

Skip Forward, Skip Back: There are 2 options for this within the UI. One set of large forward and back and one set of small forward and back. The default is 1 minute for the large and 10 seconds for the small, but you can customize this from 1 second to 9 minutes and 59 seconds. You can also disable these features in the settings as well.

Library: Managing the library is easy and what is more in the settings you can customize how it behaves, it sorts books, where the data is stored and book covers.

Accessibility: If you have bad eye sight you can set the controls to give audio prompts when you hit a button. I personally think it is annoying and never kept it enabled, but I see the utility of it for those who would use it.

Bluetooth Controls: You have a ton of options for such controls. I don't use this personally, but the controls include: Headset Hook, Play/Pause, Stop, Previous, Next, Rewind and Fast Forward. This is by default disabled, but it can be enabled in settings.

A Great Companion to this App

Uploading files to your device without a cable is a pain. This article I wrote about a app that uses your wifi connection to transfer files quickly and securely is wonderful. I use this app with the other all the time. Check it out here.

One Alternative

Other audiobook options. Amazon owns Audible now and you can use this app and the audiobooks you get from the service with it nicely. The problem with this is it is difficult to use imported files, LibriVox files, library audiobooks with this app, but it is an alternative that works well.

Just curious...

I get most of my audiobooks from:

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