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Android Essentials: Connectivity!

Updated on May 30, 2012

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Without a Cable!

The problem with all the wonderful electronics we have is getting information to the stinking devices in order for them to be able to be useful. The problem is if you forgot your USB cable or you don't want to pull the back off the phone to get at the micro-SD card, then put that card into an adapter that you have to carry around with you, which "OH CRAP!" you forgot again then I have a perfect solution for you. It is easy. There is a free option, but even the paid version is worth it for just as small cost (I recommend the paid).

Just as a quick side note before I continue. If you don't have the Amazon Appstore please see my other hub on the subject titled "Android Users! Use the Amazon Appstore!"

The App & the Legend!

WiFi File Explorer comes and two flavors, the free version and PRO. This sweet little app makes life VERY easy because it uses the local wi-fi network your phone is connected to (required) to transfer files quickly to your Android phone or tablet from any network connected and any computer connected to that network as well. You can access you phones files and manage, download them and even upload new files onto the device. How this works is you enter the IP address that the app tells you to when you open the app (be sure to enable the wifi on your device first. I forgot to my first time) into any web browser. It is THAT simple!

Free vs Pro

I recommend the Pro version over the free. The reason I do is that with the Pro version you can upload multiple files at once as well as set up a password protection to access the file manager via the settings option in the app. Since I use this app primarily on my home network and that is VERY secure I don't bother with the password, but the feature is great for public networks like libraries schools etc. With a price tag of only $1.29 this is a steal. I use it all the time to manage my photos, music, documents and more on my phone.

Another reason I love this app so much is the support! I emailed the developer about a question I had and I got a reply in 15 minutes! Sure, it may have been a fluke, but I love it when I make a suggestion or ask a question and I get a quick reply. So my point is that the Pro version is worth the money and the developer deserves our support for providing such a great application at such a great price!


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