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Android Keyboard Shortcuts

Updated on November 24, 2010

Android Phone

The newest thing is to have an Android phone. Blackberries are out of style and iPhones are slowly drizzling out. There are so many problems with the other phones, that more and more people are switching to Android operating systems.

The cool thing about the Android cell phones is that they have tons of apps, features, accessibility options, and shortcuts that you can implement.

If you just sit and play with your Android phone, you can easily figure out tons of new shortcuts.

The below shortcuts are accessible with android phones with full QWERTY keyboards. I tried them with my touchscreen, and just  couldn't get them working, but I'm sure there are alternatives to androids with full touchscreen keyboards.

For the following shortcuts, make sure that you press the 'Search' button and the specified letter.

Access Your Email-  'E'

Shortcut to Contacts-  'C'

Shortcut to Text Messages -  'S'

Access Music-  'P'

Shortcut to Browser-  'B'

Shortcut to YouTube-  'Y'


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