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Android Phone Root

Updated on December 24, 2014

Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Phone

  • You will get "Superuser" authority for having full rights and consents to a particular Android device's software.
  • You can modify or change any software code on your device.
  • The ability to flash a custom kernel.
  • The ability to flash a custom ROM.
  • You can run unpermitted apps.
  • You can manage app permissions, enable tethering, and disable bloatware.
  • You can get access into your Android device's internal file system and modify them.
  • You can remove default manufacturer apps that are undesired but have no uninstall option.
  • It will improve the performance and speed of the operating system on your Android device.
  • You can update your device without asking for permission from the manufacturer, using custom ROM's and upgrades.
  • It will increase your device's battery life.
  • It will enhance the visual experience of your device.
  • In conclusion, You will truly own your device!

Disadvantages of Rooting your phone

  • ROOT access will void your warranty.

Prerequisites of Rooting an Android device

  1. For successful completion of rooting process, you must charge your phone up to a minimum of 75% - 80% battery.
  2. Get a back-up of all your personnel items and other important data such as Call Logs, SMS, Contacts, Audios, Images, Videos, APN (Access point names) settings, Bookmarks, MMS settings on your Android device.
  3. Ensure that all your security suites like: firewall and anti-virus are disabled.
  4. You must enable USB Debugging mode on your device. Follow: Settings --> Applications --> Development --> USB Debugging and allow.

How to Root an Android Phone or Tablet

  1. Allow USB Debugging on your Android device.
  2. Download and install Kingo Android Root. Its a free Android Windows utility that simplifies the process.
  3. Run Android Root on your PC. Connect Your phone via its USB sync cable. After a moment, a connection should show on your PC screen.
  4. Click Root and the utility will begin the process. It takes a few minutes and when finished, your phone/tablet will automatically reboot. That's all there is to it!

If you want to remove the Root for any reason, just connect your phone and click remove root and the process will be reversed. Some manufacturers will use rooting as an excuse to void your warranty. If you need to send the device back for repairs, flash the original backup ROM you made and no one will notice it was ever rooted.

Why Should You Root your Phone?


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