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Android Users! Use the Amazon Appstore!

Updated on May 29, 2012

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A Case for Amazon

I recommend the Amazon Android Appstore for purchasing apps over other options out there. Aside from the fact the usually the apps are equal in price or even cheaper than the Android Marketplace, I find there are several compelling reasons to bring your business to Amazon's App Market. These are as follows:

1) Free Apps

Every 24 hours Amazon takes a paid app and gives it a 100% discount. This switch over happens around 12 AM Pacific time but more recently I have notices that there is about a 30 minute delay in putting out the free app. Be patient because you can get some real jewels. An important thing to note is that not all apps that are made free are equal. I have gotten some really crummy apps via the Daily Free Apps form Amazon, but I am okay with that because I spent ZERO Dollars and ZERO cents for it. I just uninstalled and moved on. That being said, I have gotten some great apps as well. Some of the great past apps included: Plants Vs. Zombies, Ad Free Versions of both Angry Birds Seasons and Rio, Sound Hound Infinite, Jenga, Gem Miner, Fruit Ninja, Car Maintenance Reminder, Watchdog App Manager and much more. If that isn't enough to get your inner cheapskate salivating then keep reading!

2) Share Apps Over Multiple Devices

You can do this with the Google Marketplace but you have the possibility of another user accessing your gmail account accidentally or intentionally. This is much cleaner simply because I don't have to worry about my wife to know I ordered her flowers when she see the emailed order confirmation(I should really do that more often too ;-D).
Keep in mind that some apps do not allow for multiple devices. I have not come across one of these yet, but they are out there. Just side note: Quickoffice Pro does allow for multiple devices so if you want to buy a office app only once, I recommend that. More on that later.

3) Sales!

Amazon regularly has sales on apps so you can pick up apps for less than the retail price if you keep an eye out. I picked up Quickoffice Pro for $3.99 when it normally retails for $19.99. My inner cheap skate was running laps around the field with his soccer (or football) jersey raised over his head because of that particular steal!

4) Rating System & User Interface

Over all I think Amazon has a smoother user interface and better rating system which means it is easier to discover new apps than on other market places such as the Google Marketplace. Nothing against Google, but they are still trying to figure out rate and interface systems while Amazon has been at this since the internet started to bloom in the late 90's. I'm not bashing Google. I love them. I just am saying Amazon has it down.

5) You can try before you buy...sometimes!

There is an option with some apps where you can via a computer try out the app on an emulator. This works really well. Most apps that are paid have a lite version that allows you to use it before you buy, but Amazon is trying to make things easy for those of us who ain't to bright [My hand is raised high above my head!].

6) Amazon Gift Cards

With Amazon you are NOT limited to apps. The beauty of Amazon and the reason they are still in business is they know how to sell stuff for reasonable prices. Cloths, books (ebook or print), music (CD & mp3), videos (DVD & steaming), food, consumer electronics and more. I could keep going but I think you get the picture. If you can't figure out what you want for your birthday, Christmas or [Insert Reason for Getting Gifts Here] then this is the easy answer. When posed with the question, "What would you like for [Insert Reason for Getting Gifts Here]?" just say, "I would love an Amazon Gift Card please!" and include it with a BIG CHEESY GRIN. A Win/Win/Win in my opinion.

Also, if you are a student or have a student in the family you can sell back school books for Amazon Gift Card Credits. You can also trade in DVDs, Electronics and Video Games for credit. Just go to


I suppose I have made a good case shopping for your Android Apps with Amazon. If you haven't yet installed the Amazon Appstore just go to the link and follow the instructions. As always, if you have data limits, be sure to use Wi-Fi with downloading and make sure the apps you get don't update too often or use data without you know. You can usually manage that in the settings or by looking at the apps permissions. For more information about data usage and how to manage it please refer to this wonderful hub by kschang.
So, now I am going to shut up and let you explore the wonders of the Amazon Appstore! Enjoy!


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    • SaltRock profile image

      SaltRock 6 years ago

      You make a great case for Amazon. I agree!