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Android in Education: Kingsoft Office Application

Updated on September 5, 2013

A good word processor is a big plus for any computer. When it comes to education, however that plus turns into a must. While often when we think of smartphones and tablets we think more about games and entertainment, this is not necessarily always what they are used for. Whether it be for note taking, essay writing, data tracking or presentation, without the needed software your dead in the water. Lucky for us Kingsoft Office is available for the low, low price of free ninety free.


Using Kingsoft Office is rather easy. It feels a lot like Microsoft Office but simpler. In some ways that simplicity means there is a learning curve when using it, but that isn't always a bad thing.

My biggest complaint is spell check. Instead of auto detecting a mis-spelled word it requires that you tap the spell check button. This is a convenience factor more than anything. Since I'm not the best speller to begin with, the auto spell check makes it easier for me and also helps me to learn which words I mis-spell while I am making the mistake.

Additional Functions

I love cloud storage! This app includes the ability to save and auto save to cloud storage. Google Drive, and Drop Box are all supported and offer free storage options. You can also save to other online storage options as well as to the local drive.

This last point is one of the reasons I love this app over other similar apps such as CloudOn. You can use the word processor and other office functions without need to be connected to the web.

Other Options

App Name
Microsoft Office 365
$99.99 a year or $9.99 a month
OfficeSuite Pro 7
data connection
Here are some other options you have for document making & editing applications on Android.

Opinion of Users

If you have used Kingsoft Office, what rating would you give it?

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In the end this app deserves a solid 5 out of 5 Andy's. Despite the spell check issue, it really is more of an annoyance than a quality issue. The application is stable, functional and effective. Finally, with the price being free the application is a must have on all educational Android devices. To download the application you can get it at the Google Play store, the Amazon Appstore, or the GetJar store. In all cases, the price is free!

Additional Screen Shots

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