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Android or Apple Which Is Right For Me

Updated on January 26, 2012

Android or Apple Which Is Right For Me?

Shopping for a new cellphone can be an extremely difficult and stressful process. If you are a new customer the first thing you need to decide on is your cellular carrier. It is important to pick the carrier that provides the best reception and features in relation to your area and monthly price point. Once you have decided on a carrier the real fun begins.

Today’s phones fall into two categories “Smart” and “Non Smart”, smart phones give you the ability to access the internet and social media while on the go as well as a plethora of both useful and time wasting apps available for download. Smart phones are then categorized into “Android” and “Apple” the Android phones run on an operating system, which was developed by Google and the Apple phones run on an operating system, which was developed by you guessed it Apple. Both platforms allow you to surf the net and download apps from their respective markets, but there are some differences that you should be aware of before making such an important purchase.


Apple is the maker of the ever popular iPhone. The iPhone is a great phone for users who may or may not be technologically savvy. The iPhone is much simpler to use than an Android counterpart, because the user interface is much cleaner allowing users to get to what they want quickly and easily. The downfall to this is that unlike the Android interface the iPhone’s interface is not customizable. iPhones also give you the ability to download music, videos, books, and apps through the extremely popular iTunes market, the iTunes Market offers a larger range of apps than the Android market, but they also tend to be more expensive. Overall the iPhone would make a great addition to someone who already owns an Apple product, or to someone who is looking for a Smart Phone that is simple to use yet very powerful.


Developed by Google, the Android OS is found on multiple phones each with different specifications, giving the consumer a larger market and a broader price range. Any developer can post their app in the Android market, which can be both good and bad. Because the market is open to anyone, there are many incomplete apps available for download, however due to this fact you also get many more cutting edge apps and of course the apps developed by Google. Overall the Android platform provides users with the ability to shape the interface to their total liking, which at times can be confusing to someone less technical. The Android system also provides a list of features that the iPhone is lacking, the Android OS supports Flash, over the air software upgrades, and wireless synching. Android also gives owners of small businesses the ability to accept credit cards through their phones, via additional hardware. Overall an Android phone is best for someone who is looking for the most powerful phone on the market, but has the technological know-how to use it efficiently. The Android is only limited to the user’s ability and understanding of the platform whereas the iPhone provides the ultimate ease of use.


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