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Angry Joe vs. His Community Part 2

Updated on July 28, 2017
Angry Joe Response Video
Angry Joe Response Video | Source

Today I will be discussing the response video Angry Joe did to his fans on July 26th. In his response video he first talks about why he disabled the comments on his videos. He explains that he wanted to try it out for a month to see if he could flush out the haters and the negative crowd in his community. While I can agree with some of what he said in that segment of his video it detracts from the audience who wants to leave supportive feedback. It also won't solve the problem entirely because the haters and trolls will just wait, or they will attack on other platforms which seemed to happen on his Subreddit. However, there are some who did support Joe on their and it shows that his community does care about him.

Angry Joe's Response


I just want to point out if I didn't really make it clear in my other article that no one is really upset that he wants to take a vacation or break. For some it rubbed off the wrong way because not very many people can get vacations even remotely that long. Some are lucky that they can get a few weeks off in an entire year when you plan to take two months. I want to point out that he won't completely take a break because he will continue to produce content. But, right now I don't what is on his mind because he's worried that his new content will be destroyed. I don't blame him because of the backlash that he received but it's summed up well by ReviewTechUSA calling it a disconnect. You have to communicate to your fan base to tell them what's going on and he hasn't really done that. He should because that's transparency and it will let the audience know that a video that they may like is coming soon. Communication with Angry Joe seems to be the problem and hopefully he can learn from this in his future years of doing this show.

Palm Tree
Palm Tree | Source

Angry Joe does deserve his vacation and hopefully he'll come back swing with his reviews in September. I will be honest and say that I don't mind his other content and I'll watch it from time to time especially if it's something that interests me. If Angry Joe needs a break from the pressure I'm all for that mental and physical health is important he has a right to take of himself especially if he wants to continue this show for many years to come. He openly admits that the schedule was a mistake and he does generally apologize for it because you know what he works at his own pace. Obviously these reviews take many many hours to make and editing can be a pain. I've done video editing in school and it does take time especially if you add multiple special effects. A lot of his fans do appreciate the time he has given to this show and support his decision of taking a break.

Witcher 3 Review 10/10
Witcher 3 Review 10/10 | Source


I just want to cover an aspect of what fans are really talking about now. Like I said people aren't upset that he's going to take a break and relax his mind and stuff like that. However, he has missed potential games to review because he does own a Nintendo Switch and games such as Splatoon 2 are out. But, he doesn't have to do a full fledged review he could bring back his rapid fire reviews that can satisfy the audience wanting reviews. It won't stop all the trolls and haters but it would cater to the audience who is their for your reviews. Lets be frank there's other games missed besides the Nintendo Switch games such as Prey, Horizon Zero Dawn, and others. Fans are kinda upset that he hasn't tried to at least do rapid fire reviews which I'll be honest is okay. They at least give the audience an idea of the game from your perspective whether it's good or bad. Which is why a majority of your audience subscribed to you in the first place because you tell how it is.

Colonial Marines Review
Colonial Marines Review | Source

The audience wants the reviews because they enjoy them and they want to see it. People are a little upset because it seems you over crowded your channel with movie reviews, impression videos, reactions, and promotional videos of games here and there. I think people would be glad to see some review type videos along with those even if they're rapid fire stylized which seemed to work when there was a lot of games you needed to review but didn't have the time to do a full fledged one. I'd take those over a crappy 40 minute review that you rush out and isn't at the quality you're known for. People can understand if you're overwhelmed with the slew of games the come out. I want to see the high quality review content you make and I personally don't mind waiting for it. You will have those who complain and you just need to zone them out and talk to your true fans that appreciate your work. This is evident by the response you got from your response video as well as on your Twitter. Obviously people are understanding now of what you're perspective is and if you're transparent like that than fans will connect better on what you're trying to do. This ties into communication I talked about earlier you need to be more communicate to your fans and at least do a vlog twice a month discussing the plans of your show. Let your audience know what's coming and what they can expect for the month. I remember watching a video where some suggested if there's no mainstream games out do a straw poll on an indie game you can play and review. Obviously post a couple and let your audience decided that's engagement of your audience and there's a review on a dead month when no big games are out. That would really help at least adding more reviews to your cluttered other content that's clogged your page.

YouTube Logo
YouTube Logo | Source

YouTube's Algorithm

Lets talk about the real reason why Angry Joe's channel is flooded with not as popular content as his reviews. Well the main reason is because YouTube has an algorithm that favors more videos that are longer and you need to have a lot of them. That's why there's such a flood of videos on his channel also he needs to do this to attract and grow his channel. So, this isn't entirely Joe's fault he's trying to appease the YouTube algorithm. But, this also ties that he can put movie reviews, impressions, and reactions along with reviews of games in the rapid fire format if he can't do a full fledged review. Some fans who are mostly the entitled group don't understand the work that needs to be put into a YouTube channel that has almost 3 million subscribers that has variety of different groups wanting different things. Obviously doing the same thing over and over again will become boring over time, and that's why a lot of YouTuber's try to branch off and do other things along with that they're known for to cater to their main audience. YouTube while not rocket science does require time and energy to become bigger and better. It also takes patience and communication because there will be those who don't understand and will hate because their haters. Sadly that's just part of the YouTube comment section that's generally just a cesspool of negativity. But, if you can look past that and see those who care about what your making that's a good thing.

Angry Joe Art
Angry Joe Art | Source


I just want to conclude this because I don't think there will be a need for a part three and I don't expect this to explode again. Hopefully Joe will enjoy his break and hopefully he'll be rejuvenated for his reviews in September which I know will be his high quality work. Joe obviously overreacted at the beginning but at least he's starting understand that he dropped ball. I think it's good that he completely told everyone to disregard the schedule because it failed. I had feeling that it would fail because Joe's content does take time to make and the pressure was on him because of it. People who want content now now now aren't as patient as those who want to see Joe do his best work. Joe went over the years of all the work he's done and it's impressive but he went the wrong with that. Looking back doesn't solve what's going on now and people do appreciate all the years you've dedicated to the Angry Joe Show. I'm included in that I can't imagine bad game like Ride to Hell and trying to stomach your way through it. But, it does create funny and original reviews that you're known for. Hopefully this will help you in the future and keep doing what you love to do don't let anyone hold you back, and that applies to everyone don't let people hold you back. I just want to thank everyone who took the time to read this and hopefully this drama will end.


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