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Anonymity Online: Protect Your Identity Over The Internet

Updated on September 20, 2012

How To Remain Anonymous Online:

This article will deal with the topic of remaining anonymous in the online world. Suggestions, workarounds, and procedural information will be provided to best help suit this need.

Remember that when we talk about being anonymous on the internet in most cases. Once something has gone online it will then stay online. There are no ways to remove, delete, or alter something that has been placed onto an online server. Somewhere and somehow this information may be retraced, retracted or reobtained if necessary. There are helpful tactics to employ in order to allocate as much privacy as possible to your network and workstation and ensure that you are connecting with the highest level of anonymity possible. Furthermore safeguarding your personal information when dealing within an online network environment.

Proxy Servers:

A proxy server in laymans terms is the middle man between your machine and your online destination. When you are connected via proxy and administer a request for a specific URL, the request is then routed through the proxy to make it appear as if it is coming from another IP address, other than your own. This can be helpful in cases where you wish to browse webpages privately and keep your usage and statistics hidden publicly.

Many web browsers possess the capability to configure your chosen proxy address directly from the Internet Options menu located within the browser settings. You must first obtain appropriate credentials including the following;

  • Proxy IP Address
  • Port number

To obtain manual proxy configurations you may visit the following websites listed underneath this segment of the article. Titled "Manual Proxies (Search Resources)

These resources provide the end user capability to:

  • Specify proxy search by desired country
  • Specify search by connection strength
  • Specify search by connection type
  • Specify search by level of anonymity
  • Specify desired port number

Proxy Servers Continued:

In addition to manually configuring your proxy you may also navigate directly through a web based proxy tunnelling webpage to mask your traffic. The following sites listed provide the user capability to enter a URL through the homepage just as you normally would in your browser window.

The request is then routed directly through the site and put through an appropriate proxy address resulting in the privatization of your current browsing session. These sites will allow you to specify your enabled options such as Java, Scripting, Cookies, and Encryption prior to completing a navigation request. It is recommended to keep all prompts enabled to ensure best suitable compatibility with your target website. Reference the links included below this segment titled 'Proxy Websites: (Web Based Resources)

Proxy Servers Expanded:

As an alternative to both web based proxy utilities and manual search resources you may also choose to acquire software programs that will suit the requirement of changing your IP address on a per use basis. These applications are best used to suit a specific need at a particular point in time. Providing the benefit of being easily accessible, quickly configurable and making it convenient and efficient to provision the masking of your session immediately. Some suggested programs will be reviewed below.

Hide My Ip

HideMyIp is a full service software installable on your Windows machine. Features include:

  • Setting your desired location by country
  • Choosing your connection preferences
  • Selecting refresh rate and specifying configurations and statistics in advanced options
  • Enhanced speed, stability and performance
  • Ability to select multiple IP's from a massive database
  • Software is available for a 14 day trial download. Premium service is available at cost.

Personally I would say this particular program is very useful in cases where you may be trying to get around certain sites that log your IP or enable some sort of time interval access limit. Such as rapidshare or hotfile. The software is portable, user friendly, configurable and easy to setup. It's serves a great purpose but on a strictly case by case basis. Where the need to quickly mask an IP is required and as a result of such a program, easily at hand.

I wouldn't recommended paying for this particular piece of software or being to heavily reliable on the mechanics of these and similar programs. These are simply resources one can utilize to accomplish the task at hand with relative ease and fast configuration when necessary.

HINT: Cracked copies do exist, as well as keygens and serials, however considering this is warez, you will have to search for the appropriate file by means of a search engine.

Proxy Switcher Pro:

Proxy Switcher Pro is a full service suite software encompassing many resources a fully functional feature packed distribution. Specifically designed to deliver a highly configurable and full powered system to suit even the most demanding user. Some features include the following:

  • Automatic proxy switching functionality
  • Proxy search and testing native support built in directly into the program
  • Fully specifiable settings list including speed, latency and various connection options fully configurable directly within the software suite.
  • Ability load pre configured proxies directly into the application and set on automatic renewal to ensure a fresh, operational connection in real time.

Benefits to proxy service software include:

  • Bypassing regionally coded videos
  • Providing a backdoor for access to time interval controlled download sites
  • Hiding your credentials while browsing in real time
  • The convenience of a full service software installable directly in Windows
  • Standard version operates on a trial basis. Pro version is available at cost.

Hint: Warez copies are acquirable however these must be searched and obtained separately by the user.

Proxy Finder Eneterprise

Proxy Finder Enterprise is a portable Windows software used solely for the purpose of finding available and operational directly form within a piece of software. Tool provides functionality to scan for a full list of proxies and export these credentials to a text file for cross checking utilizing proxy checker utilities or to configure within desired applications. Beneficial uses of the program include:

  • Portable and minimal installation size
  • Ability to save all acquired proxy details in a list direct to a text file
  • Native support for proxy search and verification of connectivity. Circumventing the need to access additional 3rd party software
  • Fast acting search utility. Results display almost instantly meaning no waiting for long loading prompts or confimration screens
  • Built in verifier automatically checks links while search is being conducted.

Browser Extensions And Add-Ons:

In addition to software, websites, and proxy scanning utilities, browser addons exist to help the user install various enhancements directly to machines browser. It is recommended to obtain a browser capable of handling a high level of customization and configuration. Download the most recent copy of Firefox available on the project homepage at

Firefox his a vast and extensive array of installable extensions to suit a majority of purposes. A few options relevant to private browsing will be outlined in the table below Download links to the extensions are included above the table:

Plugin Name
Lock The Text
Used to encrypt text that you send or input within your browser console
Proxy Tool
A full service proxy manager. Provides varoius features incuding autorotation, refferer spoofing, and agent switching.
User Agent Switcher
An extension that provides the user capability to impersonate other browser protocol or appear as an automated bot to other pages and sources.
An addon to register fake email address when a temporary inbox is required to circumvent or bypass online registration forms.
A private browsing utility used to automate certain processes to ensure the highest level of stealth obtainable during online operation. Functions include disabling history, cookie, and cache logging.
Adblock Plus
A program to automatically block ads and disable tracking and scripting in real time

Web2Mail Online

Web2Mail is a free service allowing the user to receive full webpages straight to a chosen email address. This can be useful when attempting to circumvent protection schemes on workstations, or for unmonitored browsing and private access to information.

The entire interface is fully accessible online and completely customizable. To begin the user must create an account, input a desired username and password and once complete, the user will be taken straight into the main console window. From there you may chose to confirm what pages it is you wish to have corresponded to you via email communication. You also will be given a new email address on the service, which would be the username you register under For further details visit their project homepage at the link included.

Tor Anonymous Network:

As an alternative you may also utilize the Tor network as a means of information protection and anonymity while interacting online. Tor acts similar to a VPN connection to help safeguard data and information over the internet. Although in reality anything conducted while utilizing this service can be retraced and the information can be acquired through the proper channels.

There has been much controversy over the use of Tor in the past. Specifically outlining cases where in, use of the network, service, and relevant information pertaining to, were released or obtained by parties with just cause to acquire such information. Keep in mind yet again that there are always, and there will always remain, ways to track information once presented in an online environment.

The benefits of Tor include an easily configurable VPN interface installable on a Windows machine, access to restricted and hidden parts of webspace, and complete privacy of all forms of internet activity and information.

Tor provides access to ".onion" websites which are hidden pages not accessible through normal search channels. This provides access to a hidden part of the web only accessible through means of a designated browsing interface capable of accessing and handling this type of online protocol. Tor is also quickly configurable, simply install the Windows software package and the program will configure itself accordingly upon boot. Visit the project homepage for an appropriate download link:

Open VPN:

This software is a free distribution installable to a Windows machine. It provides a free, powerful, and fully functional VPN service that is simple to install, easy to configure, and quick to get connected. Setup includes browsing to the OpenVPN project homepage and downloading the appropriate executable package. Continue the installation on your Windows desktop An added benefit to a VPN setup is the capability to dial into the connection from any other computer provisioned to allow outbound requests. Allowing the user to access from a work environment or public location. As OpenVPN is pre-configured no set up is required other than installing the appropriate packages on your workstation.

Once installation has completed you must obtain a username and password to utilize with the service. OpenVPN navigates through a service called 'Private Tunnel' You can access their login portal and project homepage from the links included below this portion of the article. Alternatively you may install PrivateTunnel directly to your desktop through the Windows executable file on their downloads page. To provision your username and passphrase simply vist the privatetunnel homepage and register as a new user. Free accounts receive 100 MB of monthly usage at no cost. Once registered, confirm your account via email and login through the web portal or directly through your OpenVPN client software by right clicking from your system tray and selecting 'Connect to Private Tunnel' The rest of the process is fully automated and once signed in you will be able to go ahead and initiate your private browsing session.


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