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Anything & Everything About Weighing

Updated on October 9, 2012

Parcel Scales from Ohaus and Salter

Ohaus EB Shipping Scale
Ohaus EB Shipping Scale
Ohaus SD Shipping Scale
Ohaus SD Shipping Scale
Salter Brecknell
Salter Brecknell | Source

Keeping The Cost Of Postage Down For Your Business With The Right Parcel Scales

How an accurate set of parcel scales can help manage your costs

With such a huge variety of parcel scales available in the market place today, it can be confusing to know which ones will really help you manage the cost of posting your items. Whilst many scales look the same the performance varies as much as the price across the spectrum of available machines. The traditional respected global manufacturers of Ohaus, Salter, Mettler Toledo and Avery still provide machines with the highest possible levels of accuracy and repeatability; however they now do so at a more competitive price than ever before.

The issues with declaring the wrong weight on your goods

There are potential costly problems and unhappy customers associated with purchasing cheap inaccurate scales. When your goods arrive at a sorting office or distribution hub they may be checked for weight compliance with the extremely accurate systems that couriers use. If the goods are found to be over the weight band that has been declared then you will be invoiced for the difference in cost and the courier reserves the right to with hold delivery until that invoice has been settled. If you do not settle the invoice within 28 days the goods can be disposed of with no refund or compensation due to you.

Choose the correct capacity parcel scale for you

Higher capacity scales have lower readability or resolution and therefore if you purchase a scale with capacity far in excess of what you normally would wish to weigh then you risk paying too much for your postage. A 30kg scale usually weighs in 10g increments whereas a 300kg capacity scale will weigh in 50g or 100g increments. It is easy to see how you could easily end up paying for postage in a higher weight band if the capacity of the scale does not match your actual requirements. The next time you need to invest in parcel scales choose wisely as the cost of running your business can depend upon it.


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    • Trees for me profile image

      Trees for me 5 years ago from

      A nice little tidbit of information that someone starting a small business might not even think of. :)