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AppSumo Deals- The Groupon of Web Apps and Software

Updated on December 17, 2011

AppSumo continues to provide excellent deals on Web Apps and Software.

This week, you can get MacFlux for $39 bucks instead of the usual $99.

Buy It Now!

Check it out at Macware HERE!


Check it out at the Apple Store HERE!

No HTML knowledge required to use this website design software, at it functions on What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

You get drag and drop editing and a library of templates to work from as well.

It looks like a great product for beginners!


ARCHIVE: Mac Month: MEGA Mac Sumo Bundle

Well folks, this is the last MAC bundle @AppSumo this month.

So far it has been a bonanza of awesome MAC apps for a fraction of the price.

This MEGA Mac Sumo Bundle takes the best of the previous bundles and then adds to it.

For $47 bucks, you get 14 Mac apps and games.

  1. MacJournal -journal and notebook app.
  2. Skitch- Screengrab app
  3. TaskPaper- To-Do-List app
  4. Machinarium- Visually stunning game for the puzzle minded
  5. Vitamin-R- Tools and techniques to help you stay productive
  6. SpeedDownload- Full Featured download manager, includes secure FTP client.
  7. Cinch- Window management
  8. Wondershare Video Converter Pro- Video converting software
  9. GadgetTrak- find your stolen or missing laptop!
  10. IconBox- Icon customization app
  11. Yummy FTP-FTP and SFTP for Mac
  12. Senuti- Recover music from your Ipod, Iphone, or IPad
  13. Arrange- Controll position and size of app windows
  14. Breeze- Another window management app

Lasts through the end of January 2011!

Mac Month: Bundle 3 of 4: That's Entertainment!

  • MacJournal
  • Machinarium
  • Wondershare Video Converter Pro
  • Senuti
  • 90% off Money3 = full software for $3.90

This is by far the best deal yet for Mac Software @AppSumo.

This one will be around through Jan. 27th 2011

$19 Bucks for $165 Bucks worth of Software for your Mac!

  • MacJournal is a notetaking application.
  • Machinarium is a visually kick'n game (see video below).
  • Wondershare Video Converter Pro is a tried and true piece.
  • Senuti will recover your music from your Ipod in emergency circumstances.
  • And the Money3 software makes tracking finances beautiful!

Wondershare Video Converter Pro for Mac

Machinarium for Mac

Mac Month @AppSumoL Bundle 2 of 4: Do Work

This is the second bundle of Mac Apps rolled out from AppSumo this month.

There will be two more!

Expires Jan. 21st 2011!

This bundle is productivity focused, featuring:

1. TaskPaper

2. Vitamin R

3. Arrange

4. Backblaze 20% off coupon

For the Visual Learners-Mac Pack 2

ARCHIVE: Mac Month @AppSumo: Bundle 1 of 4: Supercharge OS X

$14 ($55 dollar value) for a 4-pack of OS X Mac software:

  • Cinch
  • TotalFinder
  • SpeedDownload
  • Breeze

Get It through Jan 18 2011

This is a great opportunity to trick out your Mac.

There are three more bundles to come, and I will post them as they happen.

What Ya Get!

ARCHIVE:AwayFind- Urgent Email Service

6 Months of Starter Membership for $17 ($90 value)

Ends Jan. 14th 2011

Take the AwayFind "Product Tour" HERE!

My Review:

This is a perfect product for anyone with large email volume in up to two email accounts.

The Starter Membership includes 40 notification credits per month for those super urgent emails (like from your boss or spouse) you do not want to keep obsessively checking your inbox for.

The Starter Membership from AwayFind also includes Gmail and Outlook plugins and checks your email up to 12 times per hour for your specified "urgent" messages.

All accounts include an auto-responder feature, which if you watch any of the testimonial videos on AwayFind's website was a favorite feature that really cut down on email overload.

Additionally, all accounts feature access to an Iphone app and claim to be close to n Android app as well.

You also get the "Beginner's Guide to Eliminating Inbox Addiction".as a bonus.

This sounds like a sound solution for an increasingly difficult problem faced by businesses and by individuals---Inbox Overload.

Limitations of this service at this time include no support for Exchange (plans support in the future), no Android support yet, and the limit on alerts seems rather low.


Archive: Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule, visit HERE

100 (up to 3x3) die cut stickers with your artwork for $29.00 (instead of current Sticker Mule price of $79.00).

Ends Jan 12th.

My Review:

This is a great deal for start up companies, organizations, bands, artists, and anyone else who wants the opportunity to promote their service or product in a stunning unique way using their own artwork.

The artwork does not have to be high quality to get amazing results.

In other words, if you have a concept and try to get some concept artwork down, Sticker Mule states that they will take care of the rest.

Sticker Mule states that they will fix low quality artwork and will always present an online proof for your approval before creating and shipping.

They will keep making proofs until you are happy, which is an awesome guarantee.

Sticker Mule

Click thumbnail to view full-size


Ends Jan. 7th 2011

Grasshopper Virtual Phone System for Entrepreneurs

"Choose your own price"

Note: I tried suggesting I pay "$0.00", but it responded with a red error note "Nice Try".

This phone system seems to be a pretty inexpensive communication management system for budding companies or business minded individuals.

This system allows you to have a 1-800 number, departments, unlimited extensions, voicemail, and easy management.

If you are just starting out, this is a great opportunity to "get your feet wet" at a "choose your own price" tag.

Visit Grasshopper!

Grasshopper Virtual Phone System

Archive: LetsCrate

Ends January 4th, 2011

Letscrate lifetime file sharing membership ($102) for $12.

A lifetime membership is an attractive prospect, but there is a 2gb storage limit at any given time which is very small compared to free services like Dropbox or Mediafire and well, just about any other filesharing service.

I would recommend you look elsewhere for your file-sharing needs than with this deal, but if you want security in a lifetime membership, an easy drag drop format, and a super simple sharing system, then maybe it would be worth your $12. I would certainty never pay $102 for it.

LetsCrate File Sharing

For the Visual Learners! Holiday Bundle!

Archive: Holiday Bundle- Ends New Years Eve

Update- 1/1/2011: Deal over. You can still visit AppSumo for great web app deals.

UPDATE-12/29/2010: The four for the price of one deal is over, but the $255 bucks worth of software for a mere $19 is still on for two more glorious days [until New Years].

Charity:Water gets 40% of the $19 you will spend on over $1000 dollars worth of software, games, and services that people actually use often! This is no gimick folks. If you buy now, you will be able to get 4 of these "Windows Holiday Bundles for Charity" for the price of just 1, or $19 dollars.

I saw this deal late last night and could not pass up the opportunity. No one had written on it here at Hubpages yet, so I thought I would fill that gap.

Here is what you get folks:

  • PlayOn Six Month Subscription-Regularly: $20 -Stream Videos from Hulu, Netflix,and more from your PC to your TV. This is the original streaming to console service, and it allows you to add TONS more content to your Xbox experience and PS3 even beyond Netflix and Hulu Plus.
  • Plants vs. Zombies-Regularly: $20 -One of the most popular games of all time!You've seen this on consoles, and this is the PC version.
  • Dial2Do Mobile Phone Service 1 Year Subscription-Regularly: $25 -Use your voice to text, email and more while you drive. I've had this for the last year and its pretty neat. They've improved a lot over the course of the last year, and I'm excited to be able to add another year to my subscription.
  • BatteryBar Pro-Regularly: $10 -The most accurate laptop battery meter available. Small potatoes here, but it is the pro version of a popular laptop app.
  • Digiarty WinXDVD Ripper-Regularly: $40 -Rip DVDs and watch your favorite movies on any device. This looks pretty awesome!
  • Defense Grid-Regularly: $10 -The ultimate tower-defense game! This is the PC version delivered through a Steam account (they are having amazing deals too- lots of games 70% off).
  • Complete Android Guide E-book- Regularly: $10 -Everything you ever wanted to know about your Android phone but were too afraid to ask.This a crazy good deal even though eBooks seem like a dime a dozen. The book looks pretty neat inside. Great for newbies.
  • Boomerang for Outlook-Regularly: $15 -Clear the clutter out of your inbox without forgetting to follow up.
  • Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro 1 Year Licence-Regularly: $30 -Keep your PC safe and your mind clear.
  • Emsisoft Online Armor-Regularly: $40 -Internet surfing and online banking security protection to the ying yang.
  • Wondershare Video Converter Platinum-Regularly: $35 - Looks promising!

I personally tested each of these out last night to make sure it was legit.

Seriously, this is an awesome deal folks.

At the time of writing this hub, you have:

Five Days, Seven Hours, 36 Mins, and 8 secs. to take advantage of this deal before its gone forever!


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    • SteveoMc profile image


      7 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      Great deal! I will have to decide in the next few days.

    • GearHead2012 profile image


      7 years ago

      awesome deal

      i love plants vs. zombies :)


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