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Best Deals on an Apple Battery Charger for your Laptop Computer

Updated on December 15, 2010
Apple Notebook Battery Charger
Apple Notebook Battery Charger

It is an inevitable fact that your Apple Battery Charger will eventually wear out before your Apple laptop computer does and need to be replaced. Genuine Apple chargers can cost a pretty penny so manufacturers have come up with a generic replacement which cost substantially less. If your Apple notebook computer is still under the initial one year warranty or if you purchased the three year warranty you will more than likely be able to get the replacement Apple Battery Charger for free by just heading up to your local Apple store or by giving Apple customer service a call.

Unfortunately, most of the time things break just out of warranty and the cost lies on the own to find a replacement. is the best place to get both genuine apple notebook chargers and also generic apple laptop battery chargers.  They have chargers for ibook, Powebook, Macbook, Macbook Pro or pretty much any other Apple notebook computer you own.

You should only replace your Apple battery charger with at least the same amount of watts or more.  If you go with less watts then you had originally the charger will get very hot and break or even cause a fire.  This is because the charger is working beyond its maximum capacity 100% of the time.  If you went with more watts you would just be getting a charger that is using less of it's capacity all the time instead of close to it's capacity like the original wattage would be.

Most products on Amazon list the Apple Computers that these chargers are compatible with so make sure you check to make sure it works for yours before purchase.  I have been using a replacement generic charger that only cost $13.00 plus shipping for the last 6 months with no problems what so ever.  Happy Computing!


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