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Apple Bluetooth Wireless AirPods

Updated on January 2, 2017

Apple has just released the AirPods... their Bluetooth wireless headphones. It looks pretty much like the regular Apple headphones, the EarPods, except there is no wire.

Connecting the AirPods to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac is a breeze. It only requires a simple setup and it automatically pairs with all your Apple devices.

As soon as you put them in your ears, they can connect and play music instantly. The Airpods have optical sensors that can sense when they're in your ears and when you take them out. Thanks to the Apple W1 custom-designed chip that controls the wireless connection, the sound, the battery life, and the overall performance of the AirPods.

Apple AirPods

Apple | Source

You have the option to use just one bud which I really think is a plus. Call quality is very impressive, which according to Apple, has something to do with beamforming microphones that filter out noise in order to concentrate on your voice. Also, there are no controls on the headphones except for voice recognition which means it totally relies on the sound of your voice.

Just in case you are wonderin', Apple Airpods can also pair with other Bluetooth enabled devices but you won't be able to utilize the features that are designed for Apple devices. It works perfectly with all the Apple devices and all its software but don't expect the same performance on stuffs.

A single charge of the AirPods allows you to listen to music for up to 5 hours. It also charges pretty quick using the charging case that's compact and comes with a fast-charging cable.

It looks kinda weird having headphones in your ears without the wire. I hope Apple will think of a better design for this device in the future. Most of the wireless headsets out there are usually round in shape with tight seal design that minimizes ambient noise for a solid sound. This only means that AirPods may not deliver a high quality sound in a noisy environment. The Apple AirPods are two separate buds that are lightweight and tiny which can fall off your ears and difficult to find. They can easily be misplaced or worse fall off when you are running and get stepped on. Typical design of a wireless headset is neckband or behind the back and not separated. But if you happen to lose one bud, you don't need to buy a pair again... Apple sells left or right bud.

The Apple AirPods sells for $159.99 which is a bit expensive. Well, nothing cheap comes from Apple but you surely get what you paid for. Hopefully, the next generation AirPods will be more stylish and has more robust features that will satisfy the consumers out there.


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