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Apple Facing Patent Violation Blames – Is It Just Hype Or A Fact?

Updated on February 12, 2013

Apple is not just dealing with the issues of features, unlock iPhone 4s procedures, high in demand these days, but the war is of patents violations now. iPhone is found guilty for violating 3 patents by U.S court. It is ruled by a U.S court that Apple’s iPhone is violating three patents which are held by a Maryland based Mobile-Media Ideas. Mobile Media is a patent holding company and it is very clearly highlighted on its website. In March 2010, Mobile Media sued Apple first time and it was blamed that Apple was violating its 20 patents.

In ruling by court, it was told that iPhone is infringing on three patents. Those patents were granted to Nokia and Sony.

  • No. 6,070,068 covers the display of certain functions of call like mute, merge, and hold etc.
  • No. 6,253,075 deals with the rejection of incoming calls that how a user can rejects an incoming call.
  • No. 6,427,078 is a main patent and it is related to a device for personal communication. It has a display, a user interface, a camera, and a data processing unit.

Though Apple didn’t show any kind of response when it was asked to comment. Meanwhile MobileMedia’s spoke person told Mashable that court’s ruling proved that infringement on all three patents were found and it is justified. At the end of a year’s high profile patent litigation, Apple faces loss like Motorola, Samsung and many other mobile companies. It is said that Apple won a victory of $1 billion over Samsung. So no one knows because still the exact consequences have to be determined regarding this violation of patents.


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