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Apple IPad 5 Release Date

Updated on January 19, 2013
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Apple IPad 5 is in the number of most anticipated gadgets of 2013. With IPad previous series Apple surely addicted us with its amazing power; it offered us in its previous series. It’s first series or better to say first generation was released on March 2010 and now we are looking forward for its next generation IPad (IPad 5) to be released on March 2013. IPad 5 offers us a 9.7 inch IGZO display. IGZO display is made by Sharp and its all over the internet that Apple invested a huge sum of money on this new display working with Sharp. IPad 5 Display screen is based on a rumor that’s why at this time we can’t possibly say anything about the resolution but it’s a high resolution and better touch feedback display as per rumors.

With IGZO technology it’s possible to deliver high resolution of 1600X2560 for 10.1 inch display. To caste IPad out of the group from other tablets its display size will be again 9.7 inch like in IPad 4 but better resolution and touch feedback.

Apple’s previous IPad (IPad 4) utilizes Apple A6X processor and a quad core GPU. We are hoping for the same in IPad 5. Apple IPad 5 will also utilize Apple A6X processor (Dual core 1.4 GHz processor) and a quad core GPU. If we see Apple’s roadmap then it clear that Apple’s A7 processors, still has to cover a whole year (launching in 2014). So IPad 5 will be powered by A6X processors (improved or tweaked).

Taking about the GPU (graphic processing unit), dual core GPU is not sufficient to power 2013. Gaming and graphics needs are getting high every year so to cope with it; Apple needs to upgrade its GPU or to switch its GPU to some other powered GPU like Tegra 4.

Now comes the design issue, it’s expected that the new Apple IPad5 will be a lot slimmer and significantly lighter. Apple always comes with some new innovation in design so we are hoping it to be slimmer than Samsung’s Nexus tablet.

Samsung Google Nexus tablet already beat the IPad 4 in performance and in build. Nexus tablet is slimmer than the Apple IPad 4. So we are hoping that Apple will once again get the title of Slimmer IPad.

If you look at the looks of IPads, they all look almost similar and in most of the reviews you can read a line, “It’s a lot better but looks similar”.

Most of the people don’t get a hack about GPU, CPU and performance. If you want to show your new IPad 5 to someone and they suddenly say it’s not IPad 5, its IPad 4 then you doesn’t want to explain it to people. Everybody wants to show their new stylish gadgets and remember, first impression is the last impression that’s why this time IPad 5 is going to be more dashing, slimmer and lighter.

Release Date

IPad 4 was released on November 2012 and after that apple will go for a 6 month upgrade of the product. So technically IPad should be releasing on June 2013 but tech gurus are expecting its arrival on March 2013.


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    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 4 years ago from London, UK

      This is useful to know and thanks for the quick review.