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Apple Ipod Nano 6th Generation (Newest Model) Nano Touch 2010

Updated on November 29, 2010

So, what does the Apple Ipod Nano 6th generation (newest model) have to offer of of us music freaks?

The newest generation Apple Ipod Nano really takes entertainment and ease of use to the max, the new generation Ipods are the best technology advancements that we have seen in half a decade!

So, what is so great about the Apple Ipod Nano? The Ipod Nano has a lot of fun, useful new features that you may not expect from a Mp3 player, however once you start using the Ipod Nano 6th Generation's new features you will not know how you ever lived without your Apple Ipod Nano new generation!

Ipod Nano 6th Gen -How Does The New Nano Help Me?

Personally I love to listen to music, I usually have my mp3 player on hand with me at all hours of the day, so as you can imagine one of my biggest concerns in my Mp3 Player is that it has a decent better life.

I've considered getting an Apple Ipod before but haven't because of one major flaw I saw in the design of an Ipod. The battery life always seems too short. With the self recharging battery inside of a Apple Ipod you have to plug it in to recharge the battery, now, this is perfectly fine as long as that little Apple Ipod lasts long enough. However with the 8 hours of battery life? This doesn't work for me.

I need to my battery life to last throughout the day and half way through the night on some days!

So when I heard about the latest generation of Apple Ipod Nano Touch Screen Mp3 players it really caught my eye when I saw 24 hour battery life, 24 hours of non stop music? This may be worth looking at...

How about something exciting?

Okay great, the Newest Generation Apple Ipod Nano has a good battery life..

The Apple Ipod Nano 2010 has more then just good battery life. The Ipod Nano 6th Generation is customizable so you the user, is in charge of how you navigate through your music.

The Ipod Nano 6th Generation (newest model) has a new kind of gesture touch screen, allowing optimal ease for the user. You can swipe through songs, albums and features easily with the Apple Ipod touch screen capabilities. You may rearrange your icons and folders on your Apple Ipod Nano to best suit your needs.

The Apple Ipod Nano lets you shake things up a bit with it's new super shuffle feature...

It's easy, fun and convenient. Apple Ipod Nano has taken putting your songs on shuffle to a whole new level. Want to mix things up a bit, simply shake your Ipod Nano to shuffle up the order off your music, you'll more then likely find a list that will make you happy, and you'll probably rediscover some favorite old music as well, perhaps things you had forgotten about.  

Speaking of the order of your music...

The Apple Ipod Nano 6th generation has the ability to keep you in your groove on it's own. Have you ever fallen into a great feeling when listening to a song? That song may only be 3-5 minutes long but it doesn't have to end.

You may spend time going through the music on your Ipod matching up songs that go together into a playlist, not anymore. With the Apple Ipod Nano Newest Generation you push the Genius button and this smart little music device will do the matching and create playlists of songs that go together for you, coming up with combinations you may never had thought of.

You'll be able to keep that great mood going for as long as you want, and put yourself at ease knowing that the Apple Ipod Nano can do the finding, and matching for you. To use this awesome feature of the Ipod Nano simply tap Genius, and your Genius play list will be created for you.

Attention: Dancers, runners, joggers this Ipod is for you...

One of the best features of any mp3 player is that it is portable, so you can jam to your favorite tunes anywhere you'd like. With the Apple Nano Ipod you can get even more freedom of movement, designed with the consumer in mind the Ipod Nano 6th Generation is even more compact, slick, light, and thinner then before.

With the Ipod Nano's clip you can simply attach the Nano onto your sleeve and have the freedom of movement. This makes the Apple Ipod Nano great for runners, joggers, and dancers to get their groove on with their favorite music.

Carry This Around? :(

Or This? :)

Radio Nano? Your favorite radio station anytime...

When I got my first Mp3 player that had the ability to play radio I was thrilled, one of my favorite features. A lot of people love to be able to just listen to the radio. Now with you Apple Ipod Nano you can get your favorite radio stations through your Ipod Nano.

You can find radio stations, favorite and save radio stations and more. However one of the Ipod's best features may be this. Say your Iphone rings, but you're in the middle of a great song on the radio, with the Apple Ipod Nano Newest Generation you can pause the live radio for up to 15 minutes, you will never have to choose between that phone call from your mom and your favorite song again.

You hear that? Yeah that awesome song n the radio. You really like it? Want to add it to your music collection? So what are you waiting for go over to Itunes and purchase that song! Oh but wait, it's on the radio you don't know the name or artist of the song.

Don't worry with the new Apple Ipod Nano it lists the artist, and name of the song on the radio you are currently listening to.You'll never wonder what the name of that song was again. And no more, you know, it's on the tip of my tongue this song is by, it's from. Never not be able to name the artist again, simply glance at your Ipod Nano's touch screen and get all the info you need!

Ipod Nano 6th Generation: Slick, Compact, Lightweight & Stylish.

The new Ipod Nano 6th Generation is more slick, smaller, thinner and even more lightweight then before. Not only is the Nano's overall look gotten even more awesome but the Ipod Nano 6th Generation (newest model) comes in 6 vibrant colors. So you can get your Ipod Nano in your color of choice. Nano Ipod colors include: Green, Blue, Pink, Orange Graphite, or Silver.


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    • profile image

      IpOdNaNo 5 years ago

      You can turn it off fully! If you hold the power button, a loading sign will come off and it switches off! Just do the same thing to turn it on.

    • profile image

      Oswaldo 7 years ago

      Can i listen to radio while running?? instead of my playlists?

    • profile image

      Gus 7 years ago

      I just got it and it looks and works real good, the thing that sucks is that since it can never be turned off the batterie keeps draining even when you are not listening to it, for instance, I fully charged it 2 nights ago and yesterday I used a little in the morning then used it again in the afternoon so by the time I went to sleep I checked it and it was half way but what a surprise today when I turned it on, the batterie was almoust empty. As happy as I was when I bought it now I feel kind of let down, now I think to myself, was it a good purchase? Should I return it? I don't mind the lack of a camera or the games and other missing features but apple promised a 24 hr baterie life of non stop music, true that! but what if I don't listen to it 24 hrs in a row? We still need to charge it every day no matter what kind of usage you give to it.