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Apple Makes iBook Publishing Easy With iBooks Author Application

Updated on January 19, 2012

If you have tried to publish iBooks before, you basically had a couple of options. You could either publish a PDF file, which wouldn't allow you all the fancy interactive fun stuff, or you could hire someone who could do that work for you to get the book put together as an actual iBook. Today however, Apple released a new tool to put the power of iBook publishing into the hands of every electronic author out there in the iBooks Author application.

iBooks Author runs on your Mac, and allows you to create and publish textbooks, cookbooks, instruction books, history books, manuals, photo books, and more for the iPhone and iPad. Users can choose templates and multi touch widgets to include photos, 3d objects, movies and other rich medias. You can also customize your book with HTML or Javascript. Once finished, you can preview the book on your own iPad, and then easily submit your book to the iBookstore when it is complete.

In addition to the iBooks Author app, Apple also released iBooks 2 and interactive Textbooks, with 3d modeling, movies, and other engaging content as well. Additionally, Apple is expanding it's iTunes U program to extend beyond audio and video lectures, and adding an app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch that will allow professors to create entire online courses. The program is open to both universities and K-12 schools.

iBooks Author and iBooks 2 are both free in the App store.


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