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Apple Watch Series 4: Review of Innovations

Updated on January 19, 2019


Displays on mini and maxi versions of watches increased by 35 and 32% respectively. The resolution of the new 40-millimeter Apple Watch is now higher than on the 42-millimeter version of last year, that is, the screen of small watches is now larger than the screen of the large Apple Watch Series 3. I wear the Apple Watch Series 4 for several days and I’m not used to the fact that I have a mini version on my hand. Everything seems bigger, just like on the big watches of the previous series.

The screen frames have already become, and the corners have become rounded - now the display repeats the shape of the watch case. This can be called the main change affecting the impressions of the new model: beautifully and functionally. Fits on this screen more, but the clock still does not look bulky.

If we compare the third and fourth Apple Watch mini-format, then the increase in the diagonal of the display immediately catches the eye. My only concern is with the work of external applications on the Apple Watch screen. It is unlikely that all of them have adapted to the new form of the display, and it is not very clear how they will work: if part of the information is lost in the corners, or the application screen is reduced to the classic rectangle. We learn until I found such problems.

Design and dimensions

The watches are bigger, but thinner. The 38 mm version replaced the 40 mm version and the 42 mm version replaced the 44 mm version. The changes are minimal, but still felt immediately. At the same time, the watch retained compatibility with straps from previous generations of the Apple Watch.

There is a new modification to match the iPhone XS - Apple Watch in gold color. Watches with a steel case are not sold in Russia, models of all colors are made of aluminum.

The holes of the speakers and microphones moved, the wheel design became more complicated. The rear panel with sensors looks completely different. The equipment and packaging of the device were reworked: now the watch comes with a velvety, pleasant-to-the-touch case that completely covers the display. If you often remove the Apple Watch, then with such a casing you can throw them directly into the branch with the keys - nothing will happen.


A few words about the main innovation of Apple Watch Series 4 - ECG functions. Apparently, it works fine: it was tested by reputable doctors, work is underway to certify the device as a medical device in the United States. In Russia, the function is not available, and its future is even more vague than the prospects of the e-SIM standard. The lock is at the regional level, which means that even if you buy an Apple Watch in America, the ECG function will not work here.

But there is a functioning innovation - recognition of low heart rate. If the pulse stays below a certain mark for 10 minutes with no activity, the clock will sound an alarm.


A year ago, we were not given the LTE version of the watch. Now we are deprived of ECG - chips, on which the developers did the main rate. Let Apple have nothing to do with it, but in the current situation there is no reason or mood to talk about significant innovations.

However, Apple Watch is still the best watch for iPhone owners, and the fourth generation is slightly better than the third. The gadget, in my opinion, has become more beautiful and got a really impressive display. There are vital functions in the Apple Watch Series 3, so if everything suits you, then it is not necessary to update.

There are no revolutionary functions here, all important innovations remain somewhere in the field of sensory experience. The device causes sensations really new: at first you want to endlessly tap on the big screen, change and combine dials, just turn the wheel. But is it worth your money - a question that everyone will answer himself.

Fall Detection

Apple Watch Series 4 got an improved accelerometer and gyroscope. All this allowed to add a new interesting feature - the recognition of falls. It works like this: you fall, the clock informs you about it, starts to vibrate and offers to call emergency services. When you call 112 information about your fall and location is sent to the authorized contact via SMS. If you fell and do not show signs of activity for a minute, the watch calls the emergency service yourself. This is designed for the case when you can talk but cannot move. For this to work, you must first enable the crash recognition feature in the Watch app and assign a trusted contact to the Apple Health card.

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Digital Crown Wheel

The Digital Crown wheel has been completely redesigned - it is it that is responsible for reading the ECG. Actual for us innovation one - the tactile response of the crown. Now she "hush" when scrolling through menu items as mechanical. Something like that you already felt when, for example, you set the timer on the iPhone. Nice little thing.

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