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Apple iOS 6 Top 10 Amazing Features

Updated on February 20, 2014

iOS 6 Exeriencing series of Upgrade

iOS 6 Logo
iOS 6 Logo

What are Key Features of Apple iOS 6 ?

Apple inc. is the owner of iOS which is an acronym for its mobile operating system. Apple iOS 6 has experience a number of upgrades since it was released in September, 2012 .Its immediate predecessor is Apple iOS 5.

Apple iOS 6 came with over 200 new features, but this discourse will focus on top 10 features that are eye catching and which justify efforts employed in designing them when compared with the like of Google Android. iOS 6 updates are available and it is free.

Some of the old applications were fine-tuned giving the Apple experience a better treat just as we will see in Siri, a familiar term to Apple gadgets addicts. Apple iOS 6 is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4,iPhone 4S,iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3,iPad with retina display, iPod Touch (4th and 5th generation) and iPad mini.

It suffices to state that as good as these new features are, some are only available in some select countries. It is expected that this gesture will extend to more countries with the passage of time.

iPhone 4S,5C and 5S all compatible with iOS 6
iPhone 4S,5C and 5S all compatible with iOS 6

Top 10 Features of iOS 6

MAPS: This is a unique Apple sourced Maps making navigations and life a lot much easier in select Cities and Countries. You get a 3D view of World leading Cities and a clear insight as per what to expect at different time of the day with respect to traffic situation, names of Streets with visual and voiced navigation facility.

Type in your destination and you are navigated through with alternatives routes if the need be as a result of traffic congestion or similar factors. These features are portrayed with very high resolution in display.

Siri: Siri is a clear demonstration of artificial intelligence with a spoken command. The amazing features of Siri is taken further in iOS 6 understanding more languages and rendering greater assistance in relatively newer fields with natural language such as in Sport updating, restaurant reservations, Social media, launching Application and Movies listings.

Siri does it better than ever. For example, it can give details about a particular movie in terms of its creators, actors, costs of booking, time and date of shooting the movies. It tell you your favourites game schedule, live game scores, best players and more.

FaceBook: iOS 6 came with full FaceBook integration with all the major functionalities of the World largest social media. Apple gadgets with the release of iOS 5 only had access to twitter settings. You can sign in and even ask Siri to do the posting from your twitter account. This is one of the biggest additions the OS came with and a share sheet interface where you can post directly from notifications on your Facebook.

It integrates friend’s contacts profile into Contacts, FB birthdays and events into calendars and hence this can be viewed alongside with other stored events for easy reminder. You stay up to date when friends update their contact profile.

PassBook: This is a complete new feature which helps to safe guard coupons, boarding pass, tickets and more. This is achieved by scanning the bar-code and so there is no fear of misplacement or the hazel of easy search. PassBook alert you of the appropriate time, place and any other useful information relative to perhaps the air ticket such as the right boarding gate or terminal and seats arrangement.

Face Time: Face time call can now be used over the cellular network taking the pleasure of seeing your caller and sharing together home page features such as photos if your network provider allows it. What a comfort if you no longer miss smiling faces of especially loved ones and your desire to share with virtual finality.

Safari: iOS 6 is updated with a better browser experience able to remove clutter from Web pages, easy downloading and saving pages for offline reading, navigating you back to last browsing session for continuity if so desired even with another Apple device.

Phone Enhancement: Amazing upgrade. Users of iPhone 5, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S have a number of options as per receiving or rejecting a phone call by a preset or custom message or by activating don’t disturb feature when you are absolutely busy. A time alert could also be set, say an hour or at convenient when the caller should call back.

Mail: The OS came with a better mail experience than its predecessors. The new interface help you keep track with very important messages and individuals like your boss or better half that you wouldn't want to miss their messages via the use of the VIP inbox. Video and photos can be added to mails with greater clarity and resolution.

Accessibility: This Application assists the blind and low vision users of compatible Apple gadgets in the form of guided access to know what they are accessing via a voiceover and assistive touch. This is a voiced description of what the user is touching on the phone by disabling the home button and making only the voiceover application accessible.

Photo Sharing: iOS 6 came with a superior photo sharing interface. Enabling users to share as many photos as they desire with family and friends. All you need do is to tap the photo sharing button and chose those you want to share it with. You are alerted when friends and family share photos.

The photos are displayed with high resolution and for those who don’t use Apple device can view them via the Web.

These are the Apple iOS 6 top 10 amazing features. This represents a strong drive by Apple inc. to regain its top place position with respect to Mobile Operating system which was recently overtaken by Google Android and to win back the drifted loyalty especially to Samsung Galaxy series and the like.

We have also seen minor upgrades correcting inherent challenges of the Apple iOS 6 to iOS 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and most recently iOS 7. Let see how it turn around with respect to Apple market share and users value judgement.As at the last quarter of 2013 iOS 7 adoption rate is over 50% which is customary to Apple upgrades with respect to Mobile OS.


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