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Apple iPad 2 Review – What This Latest Tablet from Apple Can and Cannot Really Give What You Need

Updated on June 20, 2011

Are you thinking about buying Apple's iPad 2? If so, you may want to know some facts we are about to reveal to you below.

iPad 2's Interface

Browsing the Web with iPad 2

3 Internal Batteries for 10 Hours of Battery Life

Having waited for so long for the next generation iPad to come out, it is very sensible that you visit the nearest Apple store right away when you see the product featured on TV commercials. In addition to that, the commercials are usually very engaging, they can often make you buy stuffs you don’t really need after all. However, before you finally spend quite a fortune of your hard earned money, it seems wiser if you take into accounts quite a few things that we are about to unleash to you in a very short time.

Amazingly Slim

In case you don’t know yet, the iPad 2 is an amazingly slim device. As a matter of fact, there are currently no other tablet PCs – not even the WebOS or Android tablets – on the market these days that are able to compete with the iPad successor in terms of size. Of course, this device is pretty light as well.

How Fast Is It?

Speaking of speed, you are very unlikely to be disappointed by this latest Apple’s tablet PC. The manufacturer has implemented an A5 chip onto the device to make it complete tasks a lot faster. In fact, multitasking will even be smoother than ever.

For those that had a chance to get their hands on the original iPad before, they will notice the speed difference even more clearly when they try to browse the internet. This is possible thanks to the Safari web browser that is now twice the speed of that on the predecessor. The browser also executes JavaScripts twice faster than before.

Unfortunately, though, Safari has more bugs this time and the bad thing is that it is pretty easy to exploit those bugs. Also, the browser does not support Adobe Flash player which means some websites can’t possibly be visited. Well, if you are an Apple fan anyway, let’s just cross our fingers and hope that the company founded by Steve Jobs does something about it quickly.

iOS 4.3 Is There for You

This new operating system makes it possible for you to stream their slides, photos or even videos to larger screens by means of the Apple TV. In addition to that, the iOS 4.3 also comes with a new feature called the iTunes Home Sharing.

With the iTunes Home Sharing feature, users of iPad 2 will be able to share the entire contents on their tablet with other users. Better yet, they do not even need to do any sorts of synchronization this time.

How Better Is the iPad 2’s Display?

Well, to tell the truth, Apple has not made any enhancements with the display. Even worse, there is no Retina Display featured on the display. This is very disappointing considering that even the latest iPhone 4 features Retina Display. I wonder what the developers were thinking when they built this second generation iPad. The only thing that may cheer you up a bit is that the LCD screen is quite visible even under direct sunlight.

Dual Camera but Do They Guarantee Better Images?

Unfortunately, the answer is ‘no’. Even though iPad 2 features dual camera, the quality of the images captured with those cameras are disappointing. They often turn out to be blurry. These cameras are the ones that are also used on the iPod Touch 4G.

A New Interface? Maybe but Maybe Not…

To be honest with you, the interface has nearly no differences compared to that of the previous Apple’s tablet. The only dominant change you may notice is the option of running multiple applications at the same time. However, there is a positive impact which is it makes battery life a little longer.

Another complain will come when you find out that you cannot move certain icons such as the GameCenter, iPod, App Store and Tunes. No matter what or how hard you try, these icons will simply stay put on the first screen you see when you boot your tablet. To some, this may prove to be quite annoying, especially if they have more important things to put on the first screen of their device.

Is Connectivity Crucial to You?

If your answer is ‘yes’ then you may want to consider purchasing the 3G version of the tablet. However, for most, this is very unlikely unless they are planning to use the iPad 2 totally in place of their laptop.

Yet, if saving money matters more to you than 3G connectivity, you may feel satisfied with the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. You are even capable of watching videos wirelessly thanks to the Wi-Fi connection alone.

However, if you find GPS highly important, you should spend your money on the 3G version of the iPad 2. It is only the 3G version that is equipped with GPS.

More Storage Options

Sadly, Apple does not really give you too many options when it comes to expanding your storage capacity. For some unknown reasons, iPad 2 does not feature any slots for USB, SD or Flash cards.

How Long Can You Use It?

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself prior to buying any mobile devices, be it mobile phones, laptops or even tablets. Fortunately, iPad 2 is capable of accommodating your mobile needs for as long as ten hours assuming what you do is playing videos. There are 3 internal batteries equipped onto this tablet to keep it running for such a long time period. Although the battery life is not better than the original tablet, it is still one of the longest lasting battery life you can find on tablets these days.

Prepare to Take Your Money Out of Your Pockets

If you are about to purchase the standard version, you will have to spend around $500. Yet, if you need the 3G version, you will have to spend a higher sum of money, which is about $600, out of your pockets. Oh, by the way, iPad 2 is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Now, if you are ready to spend your money, the next thing you should consider is where to buy the device.

If you buy it from AT&T, you will be eligible for an unlocked iPad network. Additionally, you may also want to consider the data rates. In this case, Verizon and AT&T ask for $20 for 1GB of data, $35 for 3GB, $50 for 5GB and $80 for 10GB.

However, to some people out there, the prices are not really worth the tablet. Some claim that they are better off ending up with a Galaxy Tab 10.1 that has a lot better features and is offered for sale with lower price tags. Some also claim that the iPad 2 is simply an iPod Touch 4G that is made bigger in appearance and that’s all.

However, the decision is in your hands. So, what do you think?

© 2011 Richie Setiawan. All rights reserved worldwide.


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