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The Apple iPad Review

Updated on November 24, 2011

iPad Hype

In this article I wanted to talk about the recent iPad Hype and review the product itself, I myself don't personally own one but often have a good eye for marketing schemes so it is something which I find fun to write about. Don't get me wrong because I am not a total cynic and I will try to see both arguments for and against owning one. However I can't help but feel people often are persuaded to part with their hard earned money for items based 90% off brand reputation and commercial promotion rather than trusting their instinct which says 'This is not a necessity, I could use this money for something beneficial to work or home-building related expenditures'.

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iPad Books

I will start the review by pointing out the things I think make the iPad an unnecessary 'accessory' a long with the software lacking vulnerabilities and then progress about halfway through to the things I think are innovative and useful about the design.

One thing that I think is progressive about the iPad and I think many writers will agree is that it boasts to have 'More books than you can read in a lifetime', now this a long with the publicity it has received is going to make reading cool again and inspire young people to take an interest in books. It saves paper which is good for the environment, is more efficient than having to store all of your favorite books on a spacious book shelf and also it is more aesthetically pleasing than downloading pages and pages of black & white PDF files.

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iPad pre orders

Many people who use the internet and work on a computer everyday complained that the iPad is lacking many important functions and software because the OS supports HTML5 which is the developing next generation of internet. However, HTML5 was designed to repair much of HTML4's clutter and make it a more open platform, with this in mind the iPAD simply wasn't designed for users such as ourselves but more for a niche market of people who are not so familiar with the internet. This is good because these people will be able to incorporate web surfing into their daily lives by having the applications such as iTunes, Movie downloads and educational resources at their fingertips.

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Ipad Wifi Problems

Another strong point about the iPad is that using the internet has now become completely wireless by relying on home WiFi systems or Dongle option for connectivity. Although after the first 300,000 were sold on the launch weekend a sizable amount of users complained on the Apple website of not being able to connect or having limited signal to their router. The problem being when the customer had a third party dual band WiFi router and had the same Network name for each one or if the security settings were different for each.

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iPad Sales

Moving on to the bad points about the iPad, firstly many people have compared the iPad to the 'iPhone on steroids', basically suggesting it is a much larger version of the iPhone or a less equipped laptop you can hold in your hand.

After researching, I discovered that the iPad does have many similarities to the iPhone such as surfing the net, sending emails, playing video games, listening to music and watching movies but on top of this it does not come with the ability to take photographs, only edit them. One main difference I have been informed about are that if you happen to watch movies on your iPhone a lot you will enjoy them more with a 9.7 inch screen size, but why should you purchase a separate device for this, since the iPad doesn't support Skype or call making?

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iPad Accessories

One other feature which iPad enthusiasts marvel at is the fact that you can watch films in higher resolution and on larger screen than the iPhone, but surely this is only useful when your on the go and when you are at home or at a friends you can simply watch them on a much larger LCD TV or even a 17" laptop.

iPad users will also find themselves hooked into spending more than the initial starting price which ranges from £429 for 16 GB WiFi model, £499 for 32 GB and 62 GB comes in at £599. All those prices don't even include 3G technology, so you will find that your internet speed maybe isn't as fast as you had hoped, for this you will need to add an extra £100.

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iPad Review

iPad only has 10 hours battery life also so you will be drawn to purchase an 'External' battery plug-in from the ever expanding Apple accessory store, the battery is built in so if it permanently died you would not be able to simply replace it.

So many applications for the iPad are constantly requiring a stylus pen, especially the artistic apps or work related tasks which require clicking on small links, another item which will have you digging deep into your pocket. Amongst the other fashion accessories comes leather carrying cases, designer carrying cases, display stands, attachable keyboard and Gelskins iPad skins with attitude for youngsters.

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Apple iPad

In my conclusion to the iPad2 review I would like to mention there are a few other features missing such as the ability to multi-task, no dragging and dropping of files, no usb support, no SD card reader built in and no Flash support. However all this is fine if you are looking for an item for graphics, games or novelty, it is an aesthetically pleasing item for the fashion conscious.

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