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Apple iPad Review

Updated on March 15, 2010

Apple has been able to surprise people for the last years by revolutionizing computer, music and cell phone industries. Some people love what they do some people hate but it's fair to say that they have been able to change every industry they have touched.

An Apple product has always been distinctive from other, you can see the magical Apple touch on them. After the computers, music devices and cell phones everyone was asking what's next? Can Apple surprise us once again or do we have to wait for another decade for a new revolutionary product.

Apple hasn't waited for long to answer those questions, they claim they will change the world (once again) with Apple iPad.

The iPad has been very well accepted by the fan boys and have been mocked for only being a bigger iPhone by the haters, however the majority is still waiting to see if Apple will be successful once again with a new product or the product will be a complete disaster.

Speaking of a disaster will be a wrong guess considering that the iPad is estimated to be sold more than 120.000 at the first day of pre-order. This number alone would be a good figure for a new product but it's only a normal day for Apple.

iPad Features

The iPad is a new way of enjoying the Apple Multi touch screen, in this aspect it would be right to say the iPad is basically a big iPod Touch in may ways. You would be able to watch videos, listen to music, play games and surf the web with your iPad. The web experience would be much better thanks to the larger LED screen, watching movies would also be a good feature of the iPad however the 4:3 screen still looks weird with the movies. Apple also claims that reading books would be a pleasure with iPad and there will be a bookstore launched for the iPad. The iPad will have more than 10 hours of battery life. 

The iPad will have a Wi-Fi connection and also an optional 3G connection which would only be used for the Internet services. Apple must have thought about the difficult market entry of such product and have kept the prices at a reasonable amount (which isn't the usual Apple behaviour).

Apple iPad Pre-Order Prices

Wi-fi + 3G


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