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Apple iPad cases - reviews of the best cases

Updated on June 22, 2012
Otterbox Defender iPad case
Otterbox Defender iPad case

I looked through all of the the available Apple iPad cases on the market today, I even decided to purchase the case made by Apple. What I wanted from this case is the ability to keep the device protected if I were to bring it to the gym. I work out for several hours each day and this means that I wanted a case that would provide some protection while also allowing some functionality.

I wanted the stand feature offered by the Apple case, but I found that the material was too thin to provide any protection for the device. I decided to look for a thicker apple ipad case and settled on the Outterbox Defender case for the iPad. I am very happy with this case and the protection that it allows.

This case is great because it provides several layers of protection, they advertise three layers and you can add an additional when snapping the hard stand onto the back of the case. It also comes with a screen protector and the case that the iPad fits in fits together nicely and holds the iPad in place perfectly. It also offers the ability to use the back section of the case as a stand in order to watch in landscape orientation.

I like this because I am able to watch videos at the gym and the function of the stand is very stable. Another thing I love is this case allows you to show off the Apple logo through a section of the case. There is plastic covering the logo and this is great because it will not get scratched. This is one of the best cases for ipad available. I have dropped the iPad several times and it is still working perfectly. I would suggest this case to anyone interested in cases for ipad.


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