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Apple iPhone 5 - Is it Worth the Hype ?

Updated on September 12, 2012

Apple iPhone 5

The new Bigger and Lighter iPhone 5
The new Bigger and Lighter iPhone 5 | Source

The new iPhone - iPhone 5

The wait is over! Apple finally unveiled their new iPhone (sixth in series of their smart phones vs 144 by HTC and 268 by Samsung in six years!!! ) Amazing isn't it!. Well, so how does this new offering match up to the competition and more importantly, with the iPhone 4S.

Various sites have already done the research and well:-

1. It is 18 percent thinner than 4S.

2. It is 20% lighter than 4S

3. It's Display is 4 " vs 3.5" of 4S.

4. Screen Resolution is 1136 X 640 - vs 960X640 of 4S

5. New Processor A6 - definitely Faster

6. 4G/LTE support

7. Nano Sim (throw out your old Sim's)

8. New Docking connector - terrible - as all your old 'i' Accessories shall be either useless or need an expensive adapter.

9. about 20 grams lighter.

There have been changes to the Software too:-

1. Native code Facebook integration

2. IOS 6.

3. Own Map service and app. SIRI navigation, 3D maps etc...

4, Passbook - Digital ticket servie - Delta official partner

5. facetime over cellular

I am sure, as we explore there shall be even more new addiition. So for all the hype this is what we get, huh?

Is it Worth The Hype and Cost?

We expect a lot from Apple. Hey, dont blame us, they have shown us what is possible and the consumers want something more. Comments on the new iPhone 5:-

1. Its a souped up version of 4S.

2. They are going in for their own services and moving away from Google. The war is intensifying.

3. Design wise, nothing earh shatteriing. With newer technology available, getting a thinner and lighter phone is what most of the competition is doing.

4. There is a been there and done that feel to the iPhone 5. Like I said, we expect too much out of apple.

So, My opinion is that this is definitely not worth the hype and you need not trade your iPhone 4S anytime soon for this (unless you are bored and have pots of money)- Not much value addition.

I really prefer the Galaxy Note. Its S pen is superb, its large display is excellent for even office work and it has the Wow factor. So Apple, we can see that youThis probably wouldnt be the phone that he would have unveiled. The very fact that the old docking connector is no longer valid, the old sim is gone.. I mean asking users to change so much is a pain. they may do it out of loyalty but they sure are going to crib and that my friend is the beginning of a downward curve.


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    • profile image

      Gadget suser 

      5 years ago

      I tend to agree ... Its like taking a honda civic and sprucing it up to make it a race car.. The bar has been set high by apple. There is nothing new in terms of features.. and the other phones have caught up.... but a great device nevertheless from an engineering and design standpoint


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