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Apple iPhone vs Nexus One

Updated on November 1, 2010

Nexus One or iPhone

Which phone is better?

Which phone is better, the iPhone from Apple or the Nexus from Google?

Lets compare and then you can see which one fits you better.


  • More memory: 16GB
  • More standby battery life
  • iTunes App store
  • Over 90,000 applications

Nexus One:

  • More talk time
  • More megapixels for the camera
  • You can multi-task

The new iPhone 4G came out in March 2010 and it is just awesome. I have the iPhone 4G and it is so great. It's the phone of the year, seriously. It's faster, more organized, easy to use, and it looks awesome. It has tons of phone covers that have pretty cool designs.

All in all, i think that the iPhone is way better and will keep on amazing us but I do like verizon better than AT&T for the coverage part. If only the two can meet, it would be a perfect match!

Phone choices

Which one would you buy Nexus One or iPhone

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    • profile image

      Shakeel 6 years ago

      Iphone 5 is 1080p video reco.8 magpexile 1gz prosser very good feuture

    • profile image

      OLEDMayhem 8 years ago

      It's a shame 99.9% of iPhone apps are pretty useless. Every time I hear someone say the app store has got so many apps, I can't help but shake my head. Only Sheeple would fall for that number.

      Nexus is out NOW with a 1GHz processor and 800x480 OLED screen. You're also discounting the fact that the Nexus (and virtually any other smart phone) has removable memory and a removable battery. Not only that, you can buy the Nexus One directly from Google for cheaper than a current iPhone 3GS.

      Even given the spec sheet of the iPhone 4g now, it's OLD technology and the phone hasn't even been released yet!