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Apple iPod iTouch 2nd and 3rd Generation Differences

Updated on February 2, 2011

Most users of a Apple 2nd Gen iPod with 16GB+ will probably tell you, that in most cases, upgrading to the 3rd Gen iPod with 32 GB, might be pointless, depending how it is used. Like computers, how fast it is and the need for speed depends how you use it.

Apple ads indicate that the 3rd Gen, 32 GB, with a 800 MHz CPU, is 50% faster than a 2nd Gen with a 533 MHz. However, it depends on what you are doing. From a boot, the 3rd Gen is faster by 15-20 sec. But from there, the differences are not that noticeable. The most notable visual performance difference is if you are playing games, in that case, the 2nd Gen works but is slower than a 3rd Gen. If you are using WIFI and Internet, other variables come into play such as your connection and bandwidth, which have little to do with the CPU. A 3rd Gen is marginally faster on the Internet than a 2nd Gen, again, it also depends on the website content. Many times, there is no difference. Users of the 2nd Gen for Internet and email say the difference is nil when comparing the two and accessing the same website. With email, there is no difference at all. This is the case with many of the apps, again, it depends on the app you are accessing also. I totally agree. When comparing speed in web connections at the same website, there is virtually no difference between the 2nd and 3rd generations. Both generally access a website within 5-10 seconds. This does not warrant the price difference! As to the 4th Gen, its major difference is the camera, that is it. 

So, before you spend a lot more money for a 3G or 4G iPod, if you are basically using it for WIFI, Internet and email, buy the cheaper 2nd Gen using the latest OS, which is free to download! If your main purpose is playing games, lean toward the 3rd Gen but many games play fine on the 2nd Gen with no choppy graphics.

It pays to be savvy. Be a smart consumer.


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